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colette wren dress

hey everyone!

i’ve made a dress, yay!  it’s been AGES.  i thought my sewing machine was broken but it turns out my machine didn’t like the bobbin i was trying to use.  it wasn’t pressing down on a metal bit that needs to go down before the bobbin winder will work.  WHO KNEW.

anyway, the wren dress.

this is a lovely knit dress, with lots of shape and two options for the skirt.  i went for the panelled skirt because the fabric i planned to use was quite a thick stable knit.  i’d like to make another one with a thinner jersey so i can try out the gathered skirt.

i bought the fabric from a shop in leeds when i was up for the day.  amy kindly met up with me and showed me all her local haunts.  i can’t remember what the place was called, but i liked LOTS in there.  (i also bought glass head pins from there, shouting out to the non-melters.)

i love that this dress looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.  the eagle eyed of you may wonder why i am saying this when i obviously made a mistake…

i sewed my neckband pieces on the wrong way round – ugh.  i couldn’t unpick all my overlocking and i’d obviously lost a bit of fabric so i thought it was better to patch.



i knew i shouldn’t have started making this because i didn’t feel right yesterday.  i was too tired.  i should take my own advice – don’t sew tired!!!

i was mad about it last night when i finished it, but i’m not so angry today.  in fact, i really love the finished dress, mistake aside!

i’m going to wear it to my work christmas party, because the fabric has such a nice subtle sparkle to it which is going to look fab with an obligatory party hat, may be even a tinsel crown.



i bought the pattern when colette were giving away the sleeve length variations, so used the 3/4 length sleeves as it’s a winter dress – i don’t want to go sleeveless!   talking of sleeves, i actually forgot to put them in.  yep, finished my arm holes and everything.  tried unpicking jersey?  not fun.

anyway, the sleeves are in, the front is patched, and i’ve managed to come out with a wearable dress.  crises averted for now! i’m looking forward to putting my patent heels on and dancing the night away!

happy sewing!

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