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au revoir 2015!

hi everyone!

it’s the end of my second full year in dressmaking, eep!  i’m not sure i’ve ever had a hobby that i’ve kept for so long, at least, not that i’ve done so frequently!


this year i’ve conquered a couple of milestones which i’m proud of.


at the start of the year, i was making extremely unseasonably summer clothes, ready for my holiday to florida which was back in march.  main plus point of dress making; you decide what clothes should be around for you to take on holiday!

i had a desperate need for shorts, so i made three pairs of grainline’s maritime shorts.  these shorts were the first time i’d constructed a fly zip!  i think i missed out a couple of bar tacks, but all in all, the shorts were fully functioning and i wore them happily while i was there.


bonus harry potter picture of me & my mom with the hogwarts express! martime shorts in action.


i also made an alder shirtdress to take away with me, still a firm favourite.  my collar stand could be better, but it’s only the third collar that i’ve done.



unsurprisingly i made a few of the colette moneta.  easy to make, easy to wear.  kept me swishy and cool on those hot muggy florida days!


i also ventured into men’s wear this year, not so successfully.  i started ambitious and made james a negroni shirt.  i don’t like it, he doesn’t like it – basically i’m going to cut it into an astoria blouse for myself because i really like the fabric.


my delphine-arees are another highlight of my year.  tilly reposted them and i think i had about 150 new instagram followers in a day.  the power of sewing-celebrity eh!  they’re a little big around the waist, so i’ve got to schedule some time to take them in a bit.

i found a new pattern love in the laurel dress, and the denim one i made is one of the first thing i reach for if i’m off out.




one of my most worn garments is stylish dress book E.  james bought me the book last year and since i made that dress all i dream of is swing dresses and thick tights. mmmm, winter!


so my plans for next year…

i have bought a pattern to make a coat – eeep!  i’m really nervous about that.  i’ve found some fabric i like the look of on ebay and i’m sending off for a sample.  i’m going for grey, plain fabric with a nice vibrant lining.

i’d also really like to tackle jeans because i hate the process of buying them.  has anyone ever bought a pair of jeans they’ve been 100 million percent happy with?  i didn’t think so!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 18.31.19

i’m going to plough on with basics too.  i made a papercut pattterns ensis tee recently and have had so much satisfaction with it.  day to day casual basics is a really appealing direction for me.

so there we go!  au revoir 2015 and bonjour 2016!

keep an eye on instagram and the blog in the first week of january, i’ll be putting up details of a little meet up i’m hoping to arrange, keep 19th March 2016 free…!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 18.36.01 Version 2 Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 18.36.05

happy sewing, and a happy new year to everyone!


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