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a kind of astoria jumper

hello fellow sewing pals.


i’ve had little time or energy to sew over the christmas period (you know when you just don’t feel quite right? bleurgh) however i had this cut out a few days before the big day, and sewed it up just after said festive day.  i love cutting on different days to sewing, it makes everything feel so much faster!


i bought this tres cosy knit fabric from the rag market a few months ago, it was £1!   there wasn’t quite two metres (it was from the lady that has all the off cuts) but enough to get this jumper out of.  i originally wanted to make an oslo caridgan from it, but i didn’t have enough.


i love the fit of the astoria around the neck and shoulders, but only get real use out of my cropped ones when i potter off out somewhere.  so i decided to modify…


i accidentally took a nap in the jumper before i took these pictures, that’s why the waistband is so creased haha.

i put my paper pattern out on some more pattern paper, and extended eeeeeeverything.  i measured my waist and then halved that measurement to get the width for the front and back.  i halved that again to make my waistband.  i cut two of those on the fold.  i measured how long i wanted the jumper to be and just extended down from the original armpit marks, giving it a little shape as i went.



i also made the sleeves a little wider, as the astoria sleeves are really fitted, and i wanted a more relaxed fit on this.


i followed all the original instructions and used my overlocker to put it all together.  i’m so glad i had the overlocker for this fabric, because it was just fraying left right and centre.  i even vacuumed by choice afterwards, that’s how fluffy it was!



now i’m snug all time, but just worried about dropping tomato soup down myself or something…!



i’ve got so many sewing plans in my head i just need some time to carry them out, so i’m hoping to make a couple of things over the weekend.  i just hope i’ve got time!



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