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grainline lark tee

hey everyone!

i’ve got something basic to show you today, my grainline lark tee (of which i should have ironed, the shoulders are not crinkley-sewn in!).

i got the fabric from guthrie and ghani just after christmas.  it’s a nice medium weight tshirt jersey with little gold dots on.  i think it was in the sale too, hehe.

the construction of the t-shirt is as simple as any t-shirt is, and i put it all together with my overlocker.

i chose to make the short sleeve version, but i think  it would look cuter with cap sleeves. i thought it was a little long, but now i’m looking at the pictures, i actually quite like the length.

the only thing i’m annoyed about is the neckband – i took so much time pinning it into place and getting it right, but neglected to check if i had gold dots all the way around and ended up with this whole section without any!

never mind eh!

i really like the fit of the tshirt – i really don’t like them being too tight so this fits the bill nicely.

if i don’t wear it much i’ll take up the sleeves and see how i feel about it then.

happy sewing!

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