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remaking a cardigan for my mom

hi everyone!


firstly i need to apologise for the pictures in this post – my camera was just not enjoying taking pictures of so much blue!


my mom asked me a few weeks ago if i could remake a cardigan for her that she’s had for about ten years.  she wears it all the time as one to chuck on for work.  she never did it up or used the pockets, so told me i didn’t have to put those on; nice of her right? haha.

the old cardigan


i got out my trusty acrylic ruler and flexible curve and traced around each of the pattern pieces onto dot and cross paper.  i ended up with a two fronts, a back, sleeves and a button band.  the original cardigan had an interesting circle facing at the back which i wanted to emulate, so i drew one of those too.


the old one again. the colour is a bit more true to real life here, i’m told it was once navy!


the circle facing detail i wanted to copy

the circle facing detail i wanted to copy


it really didn’t take long to put together, the hardest bit was going around the back circle facing.


the new circle facing


i admit that i was sewing it from the right side so i could make sure it was even, but missed a bit of the middle section, so i just put a few hand stitches in to keep it down.


the finished remake!


i stitched the button band on right sides together, then folded & pressed it under.  i then top stitched it about 3/8ths of an inch from the edge, and then went around again making sure i caught all the underside about an inch from the edge that time.

my mom said she’s pleased with the cardigan, but has continued to wear the old one and hasn’t worn the new one once… the pain we suffer eh.


new on the left, old on the right.

new on the left, old on the right.


i’ve made myself much more which i’m definitely going to wear, so i’ll get over it one day!


happy sewing!



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