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bettine/moneta mash up

hi all!

after a disappointing week sewing, i’ve finally made two things i’m happy with!   i’m going to show you the first of those two things today, my bettine/moneta mash up.

i’ve been thinking about making a little beach cover up dress for my holiday and after finishing the woven bettine the other day, i decided i liked the shape of the top enough to trial the cover up plans.

i’ve had this fabric in my stash for about a year; it’s a thin knit from ebay.  i ordered 3 metres to make a moneta, but when the fabric arrived with me, it was filthy so i emailed the seller on ebay to complain, and they sent me another 3 metres for free, apologising.  i used my free 3 metres to make this.   (i washed the original 3m and it came up nicely, so i made a moneta but i ruined it so i threw it away haha.)

my “plans” consisted of a swishy, loose dress that wasn’t going to cling to me (i’m keeping my fingers crossed for it being warm on holiday, you see!) so i decided to size up on the top of the bettine.  i didn’t size up by re-tracing the pattern and all that rubbish, because i’m lazy.  instead, i compared the waistline of the woven one i made to the paper pattern, and folded the pattern a little below the waistband seam.  this was because i didn’t need the extra room for the elastic tunnel and therefore didn’t need to cut the bodice so long.  i added 1cm onto the sides of the dress (4cm in total as the front and back are cut on the fold) and also to the armhole width because they were a little snug on the woven version.


my face is so weird here but i’m trying to show off all the excess in the dress haha.

for the skirt, i used the colette moneta pattern.  i like the amount of gathering on this skirt and i like the width of it too as it’s not too full.  i added 1cm of width to the skirt as i had for the bodice (4cm when opened out as the skirt front and back are cut on the fold too) to keep in line with the flouncy-ness of the top.

i stayed with the moneta instructions for the skirt; using clear elastic to gather.  i measured the elastic to match up with the bodice, giving myself 1.5inches on either end of the elastic to hold.  i marked the half and quarter points of the elastic and matched them up to the corresponding points of the skirt and stretched the elastic as i sewed.

for the neckline i just turned it over and topstitched it.  i didn’t want to have a neckband on the dress, or risk stretching it out as i was pleased with how things had gone so far!  i did the same to the sleeves.  i tried on the dress and then took about an inch and a half off the skirt length and hemmed it.




i have no idea why the back hem dips so low down because it was all the same length when i cut it!  the only thing i can think of is that there was a lot of extra room built into the bettine top because it’s designed to be blousy, and by adding fabric width, i’ve got so much excess it just hangs free, so therefore it’s just gravity doing it’s thing.  i don’t mind, it makes it a bit more “smock” like, and that’s my vibe here.  i kinda hate myself for saying “that’s my vibe” but i’m sticking with it.

so there you go, my emo holiday dress!  the other thing i made is a grainline scout tee from some cat lady fabric and i love it. it deserves ALL the pictures so it’ll have it’s own blog post later on.

au revoir for now!

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