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cat lady scout tee

hey sewing pals!

i am so in love with this make that i don’t feel i can express it in any sort of literate way, so i’m just going to say this:


i do have more to say than that, but that’s my main point.

the pattern is the grainline scout tee.  it’s a tshirt for wovens, unusual in that it’s got no darts.  i’ve made a couple before, but feel like i’ve finally got the fit spot on with this one.

i used a size 6 for the neckline/shoulders/bust, but blended into a size 10 for the waist and hips.  i also cut the arm holes a little bigger, and used the size 10 sleeve.  my first version was a 6 all over (i based it off the finished measurements) and it was tight under my arms.  my next versions were 10’s all over and the neckline is too big.  a mixture of the two seems to have been a winner!  i tried it on before i finished the side seams and pinched out an inch on each side to give it more shape.

i bought the fabric with some christmas money from miss matatabi on etsy.  fortunately i didn’t get hit by any customs charges so i was pretty pleased with that!

i cut it all on the single layer as i didn’t want to risk a wonky pattern.  the top would have been slightly longer if i hadn’t forgotten i wasn’t working on the fold and started cutting up the fold line, gah!  however i was only about 1.5cm up, so i’ve just gotten away with it.  there wasn’t any room for error with the scant amount of fabric i’d ordered!  i tried to get a row of face-up kitties running down the centre front of the blouse.

the only real change i made to this pattern was to make neckline facings instead of using a neckband.  i always struggle with the neckband (i’ve made 5 of these tops for my mom).  i think it’s really narrow and fiddly!  so i just traced round my neckline, extended out about 2 inches at the shoulder, about 2 inches down from the neckline and joined it up with my flexible curve.  i did this for the front and back, and then went about construction like i would if the pattern had called for a facing.  this made things much easier!  i clipped the seam allowance and topstitched it to keep it all lying flat.

i tried hard to pattern match at the sides and think it looks okay!  i ended up putting the sleeves in twice as they weren’t smooth enough the first time.

the selvedge on this fabric was just too adorable to let go.  for god’s sake, it’s cat playing with yarn.  AND IT SAYS MEOW!   i had to include it somewhere, so i’ve folded it and topstitched it onto the hem at the back.  no one will see it every day, but i can be smug knowing it’s there.

i’m really pleased with this top and can’t wait to wear it ALL THE TIME.

happy stitching!

bonus picture full of joy:

it’s 50% because of the cat top, and 50% because i was watching frasier when i was taking these haha.

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“cat lady scout tee”
  • Aw, that fabric is adorable! It looks great made up as a scout!

    I’ve yet to get any cat fabric, but I’ve got some fox and some penguin fabrics, waiting to be made up. I’m looking for some cute squirrel fabric next, as it’s the new mascot they’ve got running at my school.

      • I’m hoping to, or maybe a brumby skirt. The penguins are another of the mascots, so I’m going to make something with “persevering penguins” on and something with “seeking squirrels” on…(our catchphrase words to encourage the kids). I think they’d all find them really cute 🙂

  • I saw that fabric somewhere the other day, and thought it’d make a pretty cool dress and your photos have totally convinced me. It looks great, and not too “novelty” – though you know I love a good novelty print lol. Looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂

    • ah thanks! i wanted to make a dress but couldn’t justify the money, it was pretty expensive! think the dress i made today will be right up your street – novelty anchor fabric! 🙂

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