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moneta party over hurrrrr.

hi everyone!

a few weeks ago (maybe only two, but time feels slow sometimes!) colette posted a picture on instagram where they were doing the moneta and wren dress for 20% off.  the picture of the moneta was a beautiful mustard colour and i fell in love.  and i fell hard.

i stopped myself buying mustard fabric on ebay, deciding i would look for the perfect fabric when i went to leicester (which was great by the way!).  the first place we went to was in the market and i’d spent my fabric allowance within 15 minutes haha.  i got this lush mustardy/yellow fabric.  i would say it was a double/ponte knit because it’s quite thick… so comfortable!    so my sights were set on a moneta.


i’ve made the moneta 5 or 6 times now and it is my favourite of all the dresses.  it’s so quick to put together, super comfy and super cute.

i really love this yellow one!  i wore it to work today and got loads of compliments on it.



my absolute favourtie thing is THE TWIN NEEDLE STITCHING!!!  it deserves all the caps and exclamation marks because i’ve been defeated by this technique for ages now.  i feel so fabulous *sassy*.

look at my little tea cup pusheen necklace ^___^ i thought i better put a different necklace on, i’m always wearing the silver heart!


twin needle’in all over the place.

so there you go!  a super bright moneta ready for the summer!

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“moneta party over hurrrrr.”

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