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an adventure with a hood…

hi everyone!

i’ve made a hoody, oh boy!  really exciting.

just after christmas, joanna from zierstoff got in touch with me asking if i would like to make one of their patterns, any one i wanted to!  i was a bit blown away by the choice, but as i’m a selfish sewer, i picked one for me to wear, haha.

they’ve got lots of choice for children’s patterns and their range for women is quite extensive too.   i ended up picking the hedi jumper.

i made this using some more of the fabric that i picked up at leicester market last weekend.

it’s a relaxed fit, with a pretty GIANT hood…


better! (we’ll just pretend like my hair isn’t in my eyes here, haha.)

the one thing that i missed on this from other patterns was sizing information – they use european sizes to tell you what size to make, however there’s no measurements listed anywhere.  i emailed joanna to ask her which size she recommended and she got back to me right away, so that was cleared up in no time.  for info, i made up a size 40 (the second from largest size) and my measurements are 36-31-42.

the instructions to make up the garment were good, but construction of the thing was pretty simple anyway.  it’s basically a raglan sweatshirt with a hood sewn on.  zierstoff have got a youtube channel with lots of instruction videos, and i spent some time watching how to construct and attach a hood, as it was something i’d never made before.

turns out, it’s really easy!

the pattern pieces don’t have the markings i’ve grown used to – i.e. the placement of the front pocket wasn’t marked and there wasn’t the usual line with the arrows at each end directing you to cut the fabric on the fold.  it’s just got “fold” written on it.  it’s not a bad thing, but if you were a super beginner, it might lead to unfortunate cutting.  just something to look out for if you’re thinking about making it!   i can’t speak for the other patterns they do as this is the only thing i’ve made of theirs.

i cut 4 hood parts so i could make my hood lined.  it’s something that the youtube channel suggests, and i like the idea of all the raw edges being hidden away rather than the hem being folded and top stitched down.  to make sure that the pieces stayed together, i top stitched down the middle of the hood.

the hood has a nice overlap detail at the front neckline.  i also top stitched around the outside of the hood.

the pocket attaching took a bit of placing, because it wasn’t marked on the pattern.  i marked the middle of the front body and then the front of the pocket, and made sure the pocket was equal distances from both sides of the bodice edge.  i decided to put two rows of stitching on the pockets to give it more stability.

it looks like i’ve used different colour thread here for that short pocket edge – weird shadow effects!

i love making dresses but it’s made a really nice change doing something different, especially since i live in comfy clothes at the weekend.  it’s a really good step in the right sewing direction for me.  i wear dresses and things to work, so it’s not like i’m making things that don’t get worn, but i said at the start of the year i wanted to start making basics to wear at the weekend.  a good thing to tick off my list!

i’ll probably make this again (because i can never have enough hoodies!) but i’ll shorten the sleeve length next time as they’re a tad too long for me.   you can see how long in the picture where the hood is over my face, haha.

i admit i was quite apprehensive about making a hoody, but this was really simple – i’d finished it in about 3 hours.  the only thing that took a long time was the top stitching on the hood (it took about half an hour to make sure the centre seams of both hoods were in line before i sewed them together).  i used my overlocker for everything aside from the top stitching.

this is my new fave comfy thing!  i just need to make sure i don’t wear it with my ensis tee, as it’s the same flipping colours i’ve used haha…

hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

disclaimer:  i was provided with the pattern free of charge but all views and fabric purchases were my own 🙂

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