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self drafted nautical dress

hiiiiii everyone.

today i’m showing you my second dress from my bodice block.

i’m not as pleased with this as the first one i made, mainly because this one has come up a bit tight on my boobs!  i used the same pattern from my block so i have no idea why.  anyway, it’s not too uncomfortable, and completely not noticeable with a cardigan.

i used more fabric for the gathers this time, as i wanted more volume on the skirt than the one i made at christmas.


talking of the fabric, i picked this up from barry’s for £2.50 per metre.  a bargain, right?  i’m a little bit miffed as the background colour faded a bit just after the prewash, so maybe that’s why it was a bargain, haha.


i think i’ve co-ordinated the fabric and my tattoos quite well, haha.

can you see the stitches i used on the hem – it’s my anchor stitch… definite anchor over kill!


so now there’s another novelty print dress in my wardrobe, but how could i resist this?!

happy sewing.


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“self drafted nautical dress”
  • aw, this dress is adorable! I love your hem, it’s so cute!

    I’ve yet to visit Barry’s. I’ve heard lots about it and my hubby keeps wanting to take me there, I just never get further than the market and the fancy silk store (I could just live in that place!).

    • ah thank you! it’s a shame the fit isn’t 100% perfect, but it’s not unwearable so it’ll be okay i’m sure.

      ohhhh get to barry’s! you’ll never go back to fancy silk again, i promise! hehe. i’ll always go if you fancy it one weekend!

  • Oh, I know I’ve already told you but I love this – I think the anchor stitches are such a cute touch and it really doesn’t look as though the fit is off at all.

  • It’s fantastic when you get your block right! It doesn’t look too tight at all. Love the hem too, that’s a nice touch

    I took a detour through Birmingham on the way to Nottingham(!) And went to some of the places you talk about, Barry’s, the rag market, fancy silk store… amazing! So thanks for those recommendations!

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