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baby shower bunting and bear

hi everyone.

after a little two week break, i’m back blogging again.  i have sewn/made a couple of things, but they were both presents so i couldn’t put them online until the recipient had received them!

the first thing was a tshirt for my mom.  i’m not going to blog about it because it was just copied from one she’s already got, but there’s a picture on my instagram if you want to see; my username on there is @rach_wain.

so the other thing that i’ve made that was a present was for a baby shower that i went to yesterday.  i’m not really au fait with baby showers; i’ve only been to three and never know what to buy!  my friend’s husband showed me a picture of their nursery so i thought i’d make something to add a bit of colour.  then bunting didn’t seem quite enough, so i decided to make a teddy bear to match.

my favourite part about making bunting was getting to buy the fabric!  i always see such lovely stuff but it’s never something that i would make a dress out of.  so i went to barry’s in a fit of excitement and saw this super cute fabric…


i liked it as it’s got a bit of a “modern” vibe about it without being too typically cute for a baby.  i don’t know if anyone else sees that, but i’m sticking with it haha.

i then went with pink and grey (they know the baby is a girl!) and then wanted another patterned fabric to go with my favourite “modern triangles” haha.

i went with this one, which i feel is more typically cute.


i made 4 strings of 2 metre strips so they can put them in different places if they want to without having to cut it themselves.

onto my favourite bit – the bear!  i used a pattern for him as i wanted him to be perfect.  i went with simplicity 8044.

would you believe it when i say there’s only two pattern pieces that you use?!  i don’t know why but i really didn’t believe it at first until i cut it out haha.  it’s a really fantastic pattern and quick to make too.

i used the same fabrics as i did for the bunting so it would all match.

 i decided to add the circle pads to his hands to tie the colours in together a bit more.

the bow was such a flipping faff to get right, so once i’d got it as best as it was going to get, i put a few stitches in there to keep it in place.

finally after he was all assembled, i embroidered his face on.

i’m really happy with both the bunting and the bear!  i think this is the way forward for all my baby shower presents now.

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