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sew over it 1940’s tea dress

hi everyone!  hope you’re all well.

today i’m feeling quite pleased with myself and showing off a finished WIP from my birthday in 2014… yep an 18 month long unfinished garment!

my parents bought me the pattern and fabric for my birthday wayyyy back then.  i chose the fabric from minerva crafts online i believe!

at this point in time, i’d only been making clothes for 6 months and never ever believed that what i was going to make would fit me, i always thought it would be too big.  so instead of grading between sizes for my top half and bottom half (which i now know i will always have to do!), i just went ahead and cut the bigger size.

this meant that the dress was too big on the top half by A LOT.  which is probably the reason it lay unfinished for so long, i’d annoyed myself so much with it.

so i took each of the panels in all around the top, probably took around an inch off each of them in places, which makes me think that even if i’d cut the right size, i still would have had to take more off the panels.  i’ve got a funny shaped back!

the fit is pretty good now, i’m really pleased i finished it off.  it was talking to amy from sewn in the attic at the stitches show which got me back on track!  i’m glad we had that conversation, haha.  the only thing that i can’t really fix now is that it’s quite loose under my arms, but i don’t think i’d be able to move if i didn’t have some of that excess.

i also think it might be a teeny bit big on my boobs, but i’ve pulled the dress into shape a bit more and it doesn’t look very flattering at all, so i’m going to leave it how it is!

i really love the fabric, i think it’s got a perfect pattern and colour palette to go along with the 1940’s theme to the dress.  it creases like no one’s business though!  definitely not one for sitting down in, haha.

but look, so swishy!  shout out to the drape haha.

happy sewing.

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“sew over it 1940’s tea dress”
  • Well done for finishing it! It looks great. I always find it so much harder finding the motivation going back to a half finished project… Much easier to move on to something new and exciting! Great when it pays off 🙂

  • Rach it’s stunning! I was wondering if you would complete it after our conversation! You are so right about the perfect pattern & fabric. Well done! X

  • You’ve inspired me to tackle the ufo bin.

    I’ve a similar project from when I first started sewing and didn’t realise how much ease is in big 4 patterns. It’s enormous! Also the stitches are all messed up because I didn’t know to use a ball point needle or a stretch stitch for that fabric! I think I might revisit it to see if it can be salvaged!

  • Would you mind telling us the details of the pattern you used for this dress? Just been searching for a tea dress pattern online and ended up being directed to your site! Thanks

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