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emery number two!

hi everyone!

i alluded in my last post to the second emery dress i made, and here is it!

the fabric is a seer sucker that i bought from the village haberdashery months ago.  i saw it on sarah’s instagram and had to have it!

the fabric texture gives the dress a nice body and the skirt gathers have a really nice structure.

(this hand out pose was clearly flavour of the day as i took these pictures on the same day as my first emery haha)

i made this one the day after my first one, so the changes i needed to make were fresh in my mind.  although i had made a toile there were still a couple of things to do.

when cutting my bodice front on the fold, i hung it over the edge by about 0.5cm, making a total of a 1cm reduction down the centre.  my heart one is slightly gapey, and this adjustment sorts that out.  fortunately it didn’t mis-align the darts as it’s a relatively small adjustment each side.

i also took 1cm off the side seams for the back pieces, making a 2cm reduction overall.

this changes, along with making sure my bodice pieces were all the same length (unlike last time!) meant that this dress has come out as one of the best fitting dresses ever.  EVER.

i love the little whales so much, i don’t know if i can handle how cute they are all the time!  i’m going to make a navy astoria jumper to match this, i think they would make a good pairing!

i finished the neckline with bias binding again instead of lining the bodice.   same reasons as before, i’m lazy.

you can really see the texture of the fabric here. i thought it would be difficult to sew with but it was actually really nice!

it irons pretty well too without ruining all the little bobbly bits!

in other news this week, after two years i have finished knitting my jumper!  i can’t wait to blog about it.  when i put it on, james and i sat laughing at it for about ten minutes haha.  a disaster you say? maybe…!

have a lovely weekend, hope it’s full of sewing!  i’m going to the sew essential meet up for some hand sewing and afternoon tea. maybe see you there!

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