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life before sewing…

hi all!

i went to a sewing meet up yesterday, organised by lucy at sew essential.  we got to go to their warehouse and buy things (which is a sewist’s second favourite thing aside from actual sewing, yes?) and then went for a lovely afternoon tea where there was lots of tea (hot choc if you’re me!) and cake.

stole this pic from instagram!

while we were eating said cake, i started thinking about what i would be doing with my sunday if i hadn’t gone to the meet up.  then i started thinking what i would do if i didn’t sew!

seeing as i’ve only been sewing clothes for around 2 and a half years, my life before i bought my sewing machine really isn’t in the distant past, but i just can’t think for the life of me what i spent my spare time doing before i started this time-intensive hobby!

i know i watched a lot of TV shows.  but i still do that now, only it’s while i’m sewing!  i spent time with james, which i still do, and i spent time with my friends, which i still do too.   but james worked til 10:30pm a lot of the time and i was done with work by 3:30pm usually.  what filled those endless hours?!  i did a bit of cross stitch but nothing really crazy like now.  i did get through every single episode of dexter in a relatively short time, but i can’t seem to sit and watch TV without something in my hands now.  give me knitting, crochet, anything but just staring at the screen!  i do enough of that at work!


lots of dexter.

i’m curious to know, do you even remember your life without sewing? or is it a distant hazy blur like my past seems to be?  i know i was younger and therefore spent much more time hungover, but that only accounts for sundays haha.

i’m thankful that i feel like i do something a little more productive now and have made lots of new friends along with it 🙂

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“life before sewing…”
  • Good post! I’ve been sewing for almost 15 years now so I really have to think back to that time in my life in high school. I think back then I used to spend all my time online on places like LiveJournal or music forums. I definitely loved the idea of having friends in my “niche” interests online- a lot of those friends I still know and talk with today. When sewing was introduced, I’d still be online, but not as often. Or my time online was spent looking at sewing patterns and websites, getting ideas of what I wanted to make next 😀

    • aaah yeah i loved the internet for stuff like that. online friends are such a lovely thing to have, especially ones interested in the same things as you are. sewing blogs are another reason i started sewing, i got so obsessed haha!

  • I genuinely don’t know what I did with my spare times before sewing. Probably similar to what I do now when I’m not sewing. Sitting and watching telly. Good god

  • I genuinely don’t know what I did with my spare times before sewing. Probably similar to what I do now when I’m not sewing. Sitting and watching telly. Good god I need to rediscover my motivation!

  • Ha! Yes, I often wonder this! Lots of TV. Quite a lot more cooking – that was my creative outlet probably. Judging by my very slow progress in the garden this spring, I suspect I did a bit more gardening than I do now!! 🙂 It’s amazing how something can change your life so fundamentally though, isn’t it? For me it’s changed not just my personal life, but my work life too. Sewing kicks ass! 😉

    • you’re so right! it’s crazy how deciding to make clothes has changed my life too. a million more friends and a lot more happiness. gardening is a nice hobby to have! i don’t think i could handle the dirt under my fingernails though, haha.

  • It’s a good question. I’ve been sewing on and off for about nine or ten years I guess, so before that was college and I guess I filled my time with ummm, shopping? I worked bar and waitressing jobs as well in my weekend spare time and volunteered with guides even then. But yeah, I’m not really sure!

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