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tunisian crochet

hey everyone!

i feel a bit weird posting this, because the weather is definitely getting warmer!  but whatever, i made it, took pictures of it and now i’m bloody well posting it.  a big two fingers up to the unpredictable british weather!

with issue 42 of simply crochet, there was a free tunisian crochet hook.

i’d seen tunisian crochet on pinterest a few weeks before, so snapped the magazine up as soon as i could.  i’d got the day off work so got up early, bought the magazine and raided my (relatively small) yarn collection to have a go.  after a couple of little squares i’d decided i loved it.  i’m going for the biggest crochet pun here and i’m not even sorry, prepare yourself… I WAS HOOKED!


i scooted over to hobbycraft to pick up some yarn to make myself a scarf with.  i used this tutorial which i found on pinterest.

i found it difficult to do the rows at first, mainly because i kept forgetting where i was and increasing a lot, haha.  it looked like a funnel at one point!  i ripped it all out and started again.  i’m glad i did though, i think i would have been really annoyed if one end was all wonky and crap!

the crochet gives a beautiful texture when finished, here’s a close up of the front..


and one of the back!


the pattern said i needed 700g of yarn (well it says 7 skeins, and when you click the link, they’re 100g each).  the yarn in hobbycraft was on 3 for 2, so i decided to get 600g and just see how it turned out.

well, i got all of this scarf out of 3 balls of wool, so i’ve got 3 left!

the yarn i used was a women’s institute yarn, which is apparently exclusive to hobbycraft.  i only went there as i wasn’t sure that i would actually be bothered to finish the scarf, and i didn’t want to spend £5+ per 100g ball of wool for a scarf in an independent shop if i wasn’t sure on it.  so there’s my guilt rant over for not buying at an independent shop.


the yarn is actually really really nice and to be honest i would consider knitting a garment out of it.  it’s really soft, not itchy even in the slightest and has a lovely fluid drape to it.

i’d like to encourage someone else to try this, so in the spirit of not letting things go to waste, i’d like to give away the 3 balls of yarn i’ve got left over!  if you would like to enter the giveaway, leave a comment on the blog or the instagram posts about the blog/give away and i will draw names out of a hat/bowl/other mystical holder on Friday 22nd April at midnight UK time, and will draw a winner the following day.  you can enter from wherever you are in the world cuz i’m feeling generous!

happy sewing (and give-away-entering!)

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  • Oooo consider me entered! Definitely up for giving Tunisian a go again! Have you seen all the wonderful things poppy and bliss shares on Instagram that are Tunisian?

  • What a pretty color scarf! I hadn’t ever heard of Tunisian crochet, and it looks beautiful!

    I feel the same way as you when it comes to buying at independent yarn shops– on one hand I want to support, but on the other hand if I’m just playing around with a project I’m not sure I’m committing to, I don’t know if I want to spend all that money on expensive yarn!

  • I’m just getting back into crocheting after a ridiculous number of years, now I want to have a go at this! Your scarf looks great.

  • Your scarf looks lovely! I’d never heard of Tunisian crochet, so thanks for the introduction. I’ve just finished crocheting two scarves as gifts and I’m preparing myself to start one for me. The weather is so odd right now I’m sure it’ll get a lot of wear!

  • I love this scarf! I’ve never heard of Tunisian crochet before, it looks a great texture. (Do you mean 22nd April though?!!!)

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