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polka dot ensis tee

hello sewing friends!

i’ve got something new to show you today – another ensis tee!

the last one i made is in regular wardrobe rotation, it’s great.  my favourite colours, with bonus long sleeves.

my cousin suggested i should do a lace yoke on one after she saw the original ensis i made, so i popped onto ebay to see what i could find.

i saw the polka dot lace and thought it was the cutest, so bought it as well a metre of black cotton jersey, i think it was about £12 for both of them together.

the tshirt isn’t a difficult make and came together in around 2 hours one evening after work.

there wasn’t much pattern matching to be had, but tried to make sure that i had an even line of dots down the front of the top.

my neckline definitely isn’t wonky, i don’t think my seam allowance was lying flat while i was taking these.  annoying!!

my main annoyance is that i didn’t think where my bra was going to show through, haha.  in these pictures i went for a nude bra, but when i’ve worn it i’ve put a black vest on underneath just to cover up the irritating little bits of bra you can see.

i could probably down size the next time i make this – the only reason the grey & blue one fits me a bit tighter than this one is that i cut the first one wrong, haha.  i cut it so all the stretch is up/down instead of left/right as this one is.  this means i’ve got much more room in this version!

my mom had just told me i always look very serious in blog pictures, which made me pull this face aha.

so there you have it, a very different ensis tee to the first one.

happy sewing!

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“polka dot ensis tee”
  • This is lovely! I love the BIG polka dots in the lace. Your shoulder seams are extremely neat too, there’s nowhere to hide with a seam in the lace, is there? I’m mulling over a True Bias Sutton top using lace for the yoke as I’ve seen a few lovely versions on the internet. Great job on this, any more versions planned?

    • thank you! i just overlocked the shoulder seams and hoped they weren’t too obvious through the lace! i think others have french seamed them so they’re neater. ooo yes you should definitely try that i bet it will look great! i do love this top so no doubt it’ll be made again, but i’ll wait until i see some fabric that inspires me first!

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