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completed – B6168

hello fellow stitchers!

my post title looks a little strange today doesn’t it?  a code instead of a pattern name!  that’s because this is the first time i’ve made anything for myself using a “big four” pattern!  i’m using this as the first post where i’ve got pictures wearing my glasses, i’ve embraced them and decided just to get over myself.  it makes a big difference being able to see the self timer, haha!

i got this pattern when there was a sale on butterick patterns on sew essential.  it’s butterick B6168, i believe designed by the lady who does the oliver & s patterns.  google it to find out more, i don’t want to give you false info haha.

i was drawn to the pattern as it’s got some unusal design details and thought it might test me a bit more than my ususal stuff.  it’s got a wrap bodice with pleats, plus that little tab across the top to keep it together.

i love a gathered skirt, and this one has got a cute amount of it.  just what i like.

i read the back of the packet and was miffed when i read through the sizing.  i bought the smaller pattern size, but it was only my bust size that fit into the measurements when i had looked properly!  i decided to make a toile in a 14 all over (that was the biggest size) after i measured the pattern pieces and thought it could be okay.  turns out, the 14 all over was perfect and i didn’t make any adjustments at all, other than shortening the skirt by 4 inches.  4 INCHES!!!  who’s legs are that long?!

the fabric i used was from john lewis, in the sale from £12 down to £6p/m.  i used just over two metres for this dress, and would have used less if i hadn’t had to recut one side of the bodice & facing.  that came about after i tried to unpick something and just ripped a hole in the front!  oops.  turns out that wasn’t the first hole i’d put in this dress..!

i put the zip in perfectly the first time but forgot to overlock my seams.  i thought i’d be okay to whiz it through afterwards but my skirt got caught up in the blade and i put a hole in the back skirt!  gah.  i patched it up so i hope it’s okay now.  i’ll still wear the dress anyway because i really like it!  just don’t look too closely at my back lol!

i really love this dress and can’t wait to wear it out somewhere!

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