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umbrella emery dress


here’s my third emery dress!

MAJOR SIDE NOTE:  my darts are not as awfully un-even as they look, i’ve got a MASSIVE crease on the right hand side one lol!  i’ll be damned if i’m taking new pictures again though haha!!

it’s made with a michael miller fabric that i got from the NEC sewing show in march.  i’m so glad i went back for it because i reaaaaaaaally like it.

i made this in pretty quick succession to my first two, so made all the same adjustments i made to the whale version.

there’s the crease looking horrendous haha.

the fabric is quite thick and obviously good quality, although i should hope so as it was the most expensive fabric i’ve bought in a while!

i wonder if i should have used a smaller skirt size with this fabric, as then the gathers wouldn’t have been so bulky due to the thickness of the fabric.  i still think it looks okay though!

this fits me so much better than the heart print version (my first one).  it makes me want to take the zip out the heart print one and maybe take another half inch off each side.

i’m glad that each version i’ve made fits better though, shows that i’m learning from my *many* mistakes haha.

well that’s all i’ve really got to say, cuz i’ve said it all in the previous two posts, this one was just to show the fabric off!

happy sewing.

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