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me made may!

hey everyone!

it’s may 31st – the end of me made may!

how did you do?  i actually managed something home-made every day!

when i started sewing i got SO obsessed with sewing blogs and seeing the me made may posts and wondered if i would ever do it. last year i probably had enough clothes to just about do it, but i definitely gave up haha.  this year, i think i’ve definitely got some wardrobe gaps but i had plenty of clothes to pick from.

i’m not going to bore you with all my pictures but i’ll talk about a couple of things.

firstly, my moneta collection.  i wouldn’t have got through the month without them!

someone asked me how many i’ve made, and i think i’m on number 6 after the yellow one.  i flipping love that dress and i’m glad i’ve got so many of them!   during may, i wore a blue double knit one (twice) & a tshirt weight purple one. i put on a black & white stripey version (twice) and my sunshine yellow one which is also double knit.

next, my emery dresses.

these are basically a woven version of the moneta.  so we can establish a fitted bodice & gathered skirt is definitely my jam.

so what am i lacking?

i really struggled for separates.  trousers and skirts are on my list of things to make this year, but i’ll be honest when i say i don’t want to make any until i’ve lost some weight.  last year on my birthday i was the heaviest i’ve ever been (nearly 12 stone…) so this year on my birthday i’d really like to be back down to 10st 7lb ish which i will be comfortable seeing on the scales.   to help me i’ve given up fizzy pop, which is a massive deal for me to be honest.  i could easily drink 600 calories a day in just coke so cutting that out should help!  i’m on day 8 without bubbles now and i’m not having too many withdrawals haha.

so trousers and skirts will start making more of an appearance after august hopefully!  i really want to have made a pair of jeans by the end of the year so i’ll put that on the “to do” list!

my main wardrobe gap is casual stuff, like weekend slouchies if i’m not going anywhere.  yesterday i made a renfrew tshirt which i’m really happy with, so i’m going to make a couple more of those i think, maybe lengthen them by 2 inches as i like a bit more coverage.  i also made an ensis tee (i’ll blog these at some point as i love a good tshirt) so i’ve made a start already.

i really like the seamwork moji pants and want to make some out of a sweatshirt fabric or something similar.

to be honest there’s not much from seamwork i don’t want to make, but another things that’s high on my list are the manila leggings.  charlotte from english girl at home made them recently along with the kennedy dress.  how good do they look together?!

i’d like a cardigan too, and already have the oslo cardigan (also seamwork) printed so just need some nice cosy fabric now.

as i’m in the process of buying a house, i’m on a bit of a spending ban so seeing as i’ve got lots of seamwork credits i think that i can justify a few wardrobe builders from there (they’re free, right?!)  i’m going to buy fabric from the rag market this weekend and hopefully i’ll get quite a bit for my £25 budget.

how did you get on with MMM?  are there lots of things you’ve decided you need now?

i’m off to make a list of the things i need!  happy sewing!

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  • We obviously have similar taste in Seamwork patterns as I already have the moji trousers cut out & have made Oslo! I meant to finally buy Moneta in the Colette bank holiday sale but was too slow – I’ll have to just treat myself.

    • aah pants! it’s a good excuse to get a nice paper copy from guthrie and ghani! interested to hear how the moji trousers fit, i’ve never done trousers i’m nervous about them!

  • A great selection of dresses you have there! I haven’t signed up to MMMay yet but plan to next year as I was so inspired seeing everyone’s blogs & pics. It did make me to look at what I have made & I managed to wear something me made to work most days, really struggled at weekends so that highlighted my lack of casual too!
    Good luck with the house buying

    • thank you! yeah do it next year it’s ace, even if taking a picture of yourself every day is a bit tedious! weekend wear is where it’s at i think! thanks for the luck! x

      • Dear Joan,I loved meeting you last summer at ISTE and hopefully we will have a repeat in San Antonio! I loved your last post about adding vivid words to images! I had my students do something similar last year using powerpoint. It’s a fun way to make writing creative and thought provoking.Keep doing all that you do!Your friend,Julie

  • I was considering MMM this year but just didn’t quite get round to making enough to cover the month! I think I will next year, seems to focus your sewing plans. Love the Moneta’s by the way 🙂

  • I was considering MMM this year but just didn’t quite get round to making enough to cover the month! I think I will next year, seems to focus your sewing plans. Love the Monetas by the way 🙂

  • Moneta Mania! – I love the purple one. It’s time I added another one to my wardrobe, I reckon. Although my resolution this year was to sew more everyday trousers and tops, so we’ll see! Trousers are just so tricky to fit – grrr.

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