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sewing weekender

eep, i’m so excited about the sewing weekender, i had to write a little post about it!

since april i’ve really been trying hard not to spend any unnecessary money because of the house.  turns out if you go and see a house that’s more expensive than deposit you have saved and fall in love with it, it’s very hard not to put an offer in and then live on the dust in your purse for the next three months..!

(i’m sorry i keep mentioning the house but GAH home owner! scary!)

because of this i didn’t feel like i could justify at all going to the sewing weekender.  ULTIMATE MISERY!   all my sewing pals in one place, actually sewing things and i couldn’t be there?!  awful.  i emailed my mom being a grump and she told me just to buy a ticket.  i said no.  she said buy one.  i said no.  then she said “i’ve looked and there’s only 17 places left, book one!!!!” and also that she would lend me the money & i could pay her back, so i said yes.  i’m glad i decided when i did, there was only 5 tickets left when i booked!

then i was nervous about telling james (because of said dust in my purse) and he said “don’t be ridiculous why are you even asking, go!” FLIPPING YAY!  boyfriend points for JP.

so now i’m skipping around with excitement, knowing that i can do some overtime at work to pay my mom back but also to pay for my weekend too which is a lovely position to be in.


i feel like it should be something relatively easy & quick but i do want it to be nice… i was thinking about an emery because all my fitting adjustments are done, and i know i can finish it?  but then i really want to make an archer shirt… do i do the most difficult bits before i go, then finish it off while i’m there?

i’m also thinking i’ll probably take my own machine with me, so there’s one less person that has to share.


everyone will see my awful sewing habits (this is the bit i’m most nervous about!) haha.

overall i can’t wait though and i’m super super psyched about it!  thanks charlotte, kate and rachel for organising!

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  • So glad you’ll be there Rachel, as a relative newcomer to the sewing community it will be nice to see some familiar faces. I can’t wait to have all that time sewing either – yay! I normally only get to sew at night when the kids are in bed and I’m propping my eyes open with matchsticks!

    • sounds like there will be a few people we know there so a nice sociable weekend too, as well as one filled with sewing! 🙂 what are you going to make?

  • Sounds fantastic, too good an opportunity for u to miss, I’m sure everyone will have a fantastic time. Unfortunately I was so busy today that it was sold out before I got chance to go onlinehopefully they will arrange another one.

  • oh, I am so jealous. Just read your blog this morning and saw ref to a weekend in the UK- and got all excited. Then found it on the fold line and of course all sold out! Wish I had heard about it sooner ( and I am a member of fold line)

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