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triple hemlock

hi everyone!

i’ve been making but not blogging.  boo!  today i have a day off work, and i actually decided to take pictures, yay!

i’ve made three hemlock tees (i just typed grainlock initially, haha) in the last couple of weeks.  it’s a free pattern that you get when you sign up to the grainline studio newsletter.  it’s a one size only pattern, which is meant to be oversized.  for info my measurements are 35 1/2, 31, 42.  it is oversized, but the upper sleeves could probably be a tiny bit looser.  that’s a common thing for me though, the curse of the wide upper arm.  we could pretend it’s giant biceps, but i’d be lying.

the first one i made was from some grey jersey i got from the lady in the rag market that sells off cuts and scraps.  it was £2 for a two metre cut, so seeing as the pattern was free this was super cheap to make!

i really like the size and shape of the neckline on this top!

i used a twin needle on all of the tops for hems and around the neckline to give it more of a RTW finish.

the sleeves are described as bracelet length, but i think it’s a bit too “inbetween” on me, especialaly when the bottom of the sleeve is still quite wide.

you can see the width of it properly here.

with my comments about the sleeve length in mind, i decided to make the next two more 3/4 length instead.

i bought the fabric for the next two from the scraps lady again, this time she was selling her stuff off for £1 per piece!  so i genuinely made three tops for £4.  WHUT.

next up is an oatmeal colour with little flecks of brown in.  definitely need a nude bra under this one, it’s a bit see through!

i think shorter sleeves make i look much better on me!

again with the twin needling.  i broke my favourite one and had to order a new one.  i still don’t like it as much, but meh.

(side note:  i really hate my hair in all these pictures, it’s so grown out and un-styled.  i’m getting it cut tomorrow, i should have just waited to take these pictures, but didn’t want to pass the picture opportunity by!)

the final one i have to show you is more of a loop back jersey, which is very cosy and i like it a lot.

i look lots of time making sure the stripes match up properly, and i’m glad i did!

i thought i’d put my neck band on with an even amount of white all the way around, but it turns out i didn’t.  i’m not too fussed though, i don’t think it looks tooooooo bad.  you might all be looking at it being like OMG AS IF YOU WOULD LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!  well that’s what happens when you overlock things on.

i genuinely haven’t stopped wearing these tops since i finished them!  basics sewing isn’t very exciting to blog about, but they’re actually my most worn things, i’m a basics kinda gal.  next up for my tshirt making is the renfrew by sewaholic.  i made one in a black jersey that i had, but i put the neckband on too tight, oops!  and also i found the fabric in my stash, i see why i left it sitting there, too much polyester in that, ugh.

 i’ve got some nice blue cotton jersey to make another one out of, and the BEST mermaid/under the sea fabric you will ever have seen.

happy sewing!


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