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kelly skirt

hey everyone!

so since i blogged last (ages ago, right?!) we’ve moved into our first house, yay!   which makes this skirt the first thing made in my sewing room!

there’s decorating to do in there, and i need to get a new table etc and get some fun storage, so i’ll do a whole post about it once it’s all done.

on to the sewing!

this is the kelly skirt from megan neilson.  i got the fabric i used for this at the rag market a few weeks ago.  i wasn’t going to go for this one at first and thought about just jumping straight into some swanky brussels washer linen fabric, but i decided i’d better make a (hopefully) wearable toile first.

the skirt was a nice way to get back into sewing after a couple of weeks of not doing anything.  it’s simple but cute, with little pleats and pockets.   nothing too taxing for my sewing-deprived brain!

i cut the fabric out last night and sewed it together today.  i don’t know how long it took because i stopped to do boring house things, like putting the washing out.

i thought i had some buttons that would go with it, but i had to go out and get some to match.

they were 20p each from a market inside a shopping centre down the road.  there was lots of choice but i settled on these in the end.  the middle is a powder blue colour which matches the lighter hearts quite nicely!

i used a light blue thread for the top stitching to make it stand out more.

i cut the XL size; my measurements came up as L but after speaking to a wise sewing friend she said that sizing up was best. i’m glad that i did.  this fits nicely and has much more ease for sitting down in.

i left the length as it was straight off the pattern and i like it; long enough to wear without tights in this flipping horrible heat wave we’re having!  i’m really not made for the heat, i like a maximum of 20 degrees before i become a puddle of uselessness.

yep that’s a back seam.  forgot to put it on the fold when i cut it out haha.

you can see from the last picture here that the waistband isn’t lying flat against the top half of my waist.  this happens when i don’t have a curved waistband.  when i make it again, i’m going to make the waistband in three parts so i can put some shaping into it.  i thought it would still put this up though because i haven’t blogged in ages, and also it’s good to have a “before” i made the adjustments so i can look back for the next version.

i also sewed in a hook & eye to stop the waistband gaping, but put it in too far over, so it’s poking out haha.  i’m going to re-sew that now!

i’m feeling lots happier now i’ve got my sew on again.  maybe i can tackle some unpacking tomorrow now… haha.  as if.

happy sewing!

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  • I think it looks great on you, I’m liking the below knee length this summer, I like the fabric too, I’m not sure why more skirts don’t have a curved waistband as they fit so much better.

    • thanks lynsey! since i posted the pictures i’ve re-sewn the buttons on a bit further over which seems to help it fit better at the front. got to take a wedge out the back of the waistband for the next one. below the knee seems a bit more wearable at the moment for me for some reason!

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