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sewing things from my grandma


just a quick one today to show you some sewing notions i’ve just been given by my nan, which belonged to her mom.

my dad’s mom’s mom (just going to go with grandma from this point onwards!) used to be a dancer.  she made outfits for her and my great-grandad to go and compete in competitions in swishing around in home-sewn dresses!

i may have inherited the love for sewing, but i definitely did not inherit the fancy footwork!   i wish i did, and i’m sure james wishes i did too because my dancing is so embarrassing haha.  sewing is more practical though, so i’m not too mad at my gene pool!

there was lots of buttons to sort through; i’ve managed to collate a few sets but only when they were really distinctive and i noticed them.  aside from that, there’s the usual odd collection people take off pjs and cardigans when they’re falling apart.

i’ve taken pictures of my favourite things to show you.

 the packaging of those things are ace, and actually the collar stays are pretty practical!  if i make james a nice shirt one day i might put them in.

although these buttons aren’t very inspiring (although i do love a self-covered button) i like how 1960’s the cardboard backing is!

i presume these are rivets but i really don’t have a clue!

i love these buttons but there’s only three.  might have to be decorative down the front of a dress i think if i want to use them!

these are super pretty, but there’s only two of them (that i could find on this look through, anyway!).

and finally, my favourites.  these are glass buttons in two different sizes.  there’s quite a few of both sizes so i’m confident that i’ll be able to put them on to something useful.  i think they look like little clear raspberries!

the stranger things in the box were a badge that was a fingerprint with a face, arms and legs (?!), some german coins (i can only assume they’re from the first world war) and some buttons with pharaohs on, but i forgot to take pictures of those. boo!  a lovely little collection i think with some definite useable pieces!

have you got any nice old things you’ve been given?

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“sewing things from my grandma”
  • aw, I love those little glass buttons too, they’re so pretty.
    I’ve never inherited anything like these, but I’ve bought some really cool old notions, like yours, off eBay. It’s like a little trip back in time!

  • How fantastic 🙂
    What you thought were rivets, are eyelets like you’d have for shoe laces. You put a hole through the fabric, the eyelet through the home and either hammer the end with a punch or use special kind of pliers to press the end over. Hope that helps 🙂

  • I love looking though old button boxes they can hold so many memories! I inherited my nan’s button tin and have managed to use a number of the sets. Thinking of using all odd buttons on a shirt or something so I can use a selection of pretty little ones

  • It’s lovely you have history behind all of these things, it makes them so special. I’ve not inherited anything like this, I think I’m the first dressmaker in our family (other than odd mending, sewing buttons) I do hunt for them in charity/antique shops though.

  • That’s a real treasure trove you’ve got there! Those Newey’s snap fasteners look familiar – I’m pretty sure I’ve got some of those that I inherited from my grandmother.

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