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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

sleeveless moneta

moneta; i like this dress sans sleeves.

i’ve made the colette moneta a million times (okay maybe 8 times), and each time i like it more and more.  it was the dress that ignited my love for jersey, which i have probably mentioned before.

this one is made in a light weight jersey that i got from girl charlee uk.  it was in the sale and i had a voucher for £10 because i had a right palaver with postage and fabric from there a few months ago, they kindly gave me the voucher to compensate the craziness.  i ended up only having to pay around £2 for two metres of this pretty jersey, which more than makes up for the madness before.

i decided to make this one sleeveless to try and give my moneta wardrobe a bit more variety.  this meant lining it too because the jersey was quite thin (i knew this pre-purchase so i ordered enough to compensate!).  it took a little bit of time to work out how the sleeveless instructions went together.  i had to unpick overlocking so you can imagine how fun that was.  whatever, one shouldn’t dwell on the past, or the half an hour i spent doing that.

aside from that everything else went together really well. i left out the pockets because i didn’t think there was enough stability in the jersey for them to look good.  i had to put a seam in the front & back bodice pieces for the lining as i didn’t have enough room on the fold.  it doesn’t even matter cuz it’s all hidden away on the inside, yay!

i think i could do with taking a tiny bit out the arm scythe, as you can see from the photo below there’s a bit of excess.  i’m not overly concerned, but maybe i’ll do it on sleeveless number two.

so there you go, sleeveless moneta number one!  i’m sure that there will be more.  in fact, i can guarantee it, because i bought more fabric at the rag market to make it so.

happy sewing, guys and dolls!

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“sleeveless moneta”
  • Since you mention you like sewing with knits, what do you prefer for needle type? I have issues with skipped stitches no matter what I try. Just wondering if you have a favorite that works well. Love your Monetas, wish I could master knits and make one!

    • jersey needles are the best – stretch needles are meant for stuff like lycra. jersey/ball point ones are good. if you’re not having much success, have a look for the brand that matches your machine, or pop into a local sewing machine shop if you have one, the people that work in there are always so knowledgable! definitely don’t give up trying, once you crack them you’ll open up a massive hole to fill in your wardrobe!

  • Hi, I just found your blog through a Pinterest link and I too love the Moneta dress! But I’ve only made 4! and not attempted sleeveless yet. I am about to attempt a lace overlay, have you tried that, any advice? But what I really need is advice on attaching the elastic to the skirt when I stretch the skirt piece to the elastic it twist and curls up I end up with a right mess that when I attach it to the top its chewed and sometimes needs sewing twice to cover up the wonky edge. I’m just not happy with it, any suggestions

    • hi! so glad to find another moneta-lover! 🙂 i haven’t tried a lace overlay, but from what i’ve read online, i would suggest basting your two layers of fabric together before you start constructing the dress, so then you can treat them as one layer. the elastic is tricky, it’s best to split it into more than the four parts that the pattern suggests. split it into 8 parts and see how you go with that. i found i have to hold my elastic from behind the machine to be able to get good tension on and control on it… and practise on something other than your actual garment! hope that helps!

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