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sleeveless moneta 2!

hi everyone!

when i like something i don’t mess around, so here’s my second sleeveless moneta, haha.

i thought it would be really nice to take pictures outside in the sun, but it turns out my hair is casting a shadow over my face in all these pictures, haha.

i got the fabric when i went to the rag market with a few friends at the end of july.  jenny (find her blog here!) persuaded me to buy this lovely two way stretch jersey for £3 per metre and i’m very glad she did.  the selling line for me was “look at how well it matches your cardigan!” i was wearing a mustard one which goes very well with the fabric!

i didn’t line the bodice on this one as i didn’t have enough fabric, i just turned the neckline and arm holes under and twin needled them.

i used a gold/mustard thread for my top stitching; i was surprised at how well a thread from my stash matched the fabric! obviously meant to be.

i mentioned in my last post that i had a bit of excess fabric under my arms.  without a lining, this was even more obvious.  i thought about leaving it but i knew i wouldn’t be happy, so i pinched out the excess and put darts in.  i’m really glad i did this, makes it look so much better!   they’re surprisingly even on both sides, but you’ll have to take my word for that as i didn’t take a picture where they’re both clear haha.

i left the skirt length at the original pattern length which i like, not so much of a fan of too much leg when my arms are out.

so there you have it!  overall this is moneta number 9, but 3 of them have been retired due to crap fabric.

i’ve actually already made a tenth, but it’s different because i put a circle skirt on it.  so not really a moneta.  it can count as 9 & 3/4s because HARRY POTTER.  okay, i’ll stop cuz i got far more excited than i needed to about that HP reference.

also it’s the sewing weekender this coming weekend, yay! i’m super excited.  i’m making an emery dress, i’ve decided finally! maybe see you there! 🙂


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