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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

the sewing weekender!

hey everyone!

so we’re nearly a week on from the sewing weekender now, and i am still tired.  a two hour drive, whole day of sewing, eating, drinking, chatting, drinking some more, then a whole day of listening to some great people, a quick round off-trip to the pub then another two hour drive really took it out of me! *takes a deep breath*

i drove elle, bianca (on instagram as @baylore) and victoria (on instagram as @sewmyown) down with me, and we set off super early all crammed into my tiny tiny car, haha.

as soon as we arrived we were given goodie bags filled with discount codes, freebies and an amazing sewing planning book which i can’t wait to sit down with!

there was a fabric & pattern swap which was SO full it was crazy!  there was one piece of jersey i really wanted but someone else managed to get there before me.  i’m never usually reserved so i don’t know why i didn’t just take it straight away!  never mind eh.  plenty of other things to be getting on with, and we all know it would only have been turned into a moneta anyway, haha.

i made an emery dress during the sewing saturday.  here is a super classy mirror selfie in the air b’n’b that elle and i stayed in.


i have no idea why, but this one is tighter than my others!  i must have knocked the pattern pieces or something when i was cutting it.  before you say it, my old ones still fit so it’s not that i’ve put on weight, haha! (although i do have a pizza in the oven!)  not unwearable but i’m definitely going to let it out so i’ve got more ease.

we went out for dinner and drinks on saturday night (lots of drinks if your name is rachel wain…!) and had such a great evening.

i think other people took pictures but i haven’t got any on my phone, boo!

sunday started slowly for me, because.. wine.  i’m also massively allergic to wine so i spent all day sneezing and blowing my nose, sorry everyone else lol!  you’re probably wonder why i drink it if i know i’m allergic to it… the reason is because i like wine, and that’s that.

i took my crochet to do while i was listening to everyone as i find it really hard just to sit and do nothing!


here’s a photo that jen from gingerthreadgirl took of me, abigail, and sooze all merrily crafting away!

i was making a blanket, but now i’ve decided i would prefer it as a scarf, so that is what it will be.

anyway, we listened to rachel pinheiro, grace from beyond measure, marilla walker, elena from randomly happy, tilly from tilly and the buttons as well as gabby young.  they all covered very different topics, and i even won some fabric for a question i asked of marilla!  she was talking about learning from all the different trials of bras she’s made recently and i asked her how she found the motivation to keep going, because when things go wrong for me, i just get angry!  i picked some really lovely burnt orange jersey from girl charlee, and i’m hoping i’ll get at least two tshirts out of it.  a grainline hemlock is number one on the list.

i had such a blast hanging out with so many friends!  it was so much fun and i’ll be straight in the queue to go to the next one without a doubt.  it’s so nice that so many people can get together who have the same hobby and just have a great time!

i had a lovely panoramic shot of the sewing room as a hive of activity, but for some reason i can’t upload it, boo.  you’ll have to trust me (and look at everyone else’s posts!) to believe that it was VERY busy.  also, have a watch of gabby’s vlog of the weekend, it’s great, i’m on it and you can hear me cackling away, haha.

thanks so much to charlotte, kate and rachel for organising such a fantastic weekend, and thanks to all the sponsers for all the wonderful goodies, which i still haven’t delved fully into yet! that can be one of the fun things i do over the bank holiday.

i’ve got another sewing weekend coming up, my lovely friend jodie (on instagram as @buttons_bows_pearls) is coming over to the house for to do some sewing.  i’m planning on making full use of the extra pair of hands to fit a sleeveless emery dress bodice.  yay!  happy sewing everyone.

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