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hi all!

hope everyone is enjoying the unexpected october sunshine. this sunshine makes today’s make look a little silly because it’s very much an autumn/winter dress. also i realise you can see the reflection of all my washing in the window behind me. well at least if my mom reads this she’ll see that i do actually put washing outside, haha.

it’s an astoria jumper with a moneta attached. AND I PUT POCKETS IN!

i really can’t take credit for this idea at all, meg from colette was the one who inspired it. they posted this picture on instagram a while ago (21 weeks ago according to IG!) and i knew i needed that dress.

it’s stuck in my mind for a while but i hadn’t come across any fabric that i wanted to make it with until sewbrum last weekend!

i got this really lovely snuggly fleece backed jersey from guthrie and ghani in the off cuts basket. there was about 1.5m of a 60 inch wide piece. it was reduced to Β£11 because there was a fault in the jersey, a snag which ran down one side of the fabric. i couldn’t really see it too much, so picked it up thinking i would make an astoria out of it to throw over my dresses.

then i remembered meg’s dress and anxiously began wondering if i had enough fabric to make the monet-a-storia with. (i may not have been original with my idea, but i am 100% claiming that name haha.)

when i was putting it together i found the fault and it was really minimal. it now runs down one bit of the sleeve, but is barely noticable. there was one bit worse than others, but i put a few hand stitches in and it’s so near my arm pit that no one will ever look there, haha.

i put pockets in the dress which i never usually do with my monetas. not because i don’t love a pocket, because i do, i just don’t feel like there’s much point to them if the jersey isn’t heavy enough for me to put things in without it all sagging out of shape. when i say things, i mean my hands while i stand awkwardly, showing people that yes, my dress does in fact have pockets, while my face is plastered with an extremely smug look.

it was a super squeeze to get my pockets out of the fabric, as demonstrated by the cramming here. it would have been fine if i hadn’t wanted to put cuffs on my sleeves but because i wanted it to have all the sweatshirt vibes i made it slightly more difficult for myself. but not impossible.

putting it together was easy enough, except for when it came to gathering my skirt with the clear elastic. the fabric is relatively heavy, so didn’t want to do much. maybe i should have used this point in time to learn how to gather on my overlocker. whatever, it’s okay now.

i really love this dress and just want to wear it all the time. there’s plenty of room for a vest underneath, and it’s casual enough that i can wear my vans with it. or my favourite dreamy dr martins.

so there you have it, the monet-a-storia. i’d love a cranberry one. and a blue one. okay so basically i need one in all my favourite colours.

happy sewing, pals.


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