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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

the foldline wish list!

hi everyone!

long time no blog, hope everything is good with you all!

i haven’t done any sewing since i made the monet-a-storia dress.  things have been pretty out of sorts at home and at work.  we had a death in the family which has been really horrible, i’ve never really known anyone die before.

i’ve also got SO much on at work right now, helping co-ordinate a building move which involves trying to make sure 100 computers go to the right desks and that everyone knows where they’re supposed to go at what time… basically a whole lot of headache!

between those things and really trying to get into the swing of things still after moving into the house (i know we moved in in july but man it’s a crazy thing having to keep a house running!) i just haven’t much felt like sewing.  i am getting home from work, sitting down (probably falling asleep) and then doing dinner.  then i sit down again and before i know it, it’s bed time!  weekends have been busy doing decorating or cleaning, or being tired from the week.  madness!

i’ve amassed rather a stash since august, and feel terrible for not working through it.  even james said it’s strange; normally i buy fabric, wash it and then sew with it ASAP!  the stash build up was helped by winning a couple of things; a voucher from girl charlee during #sewphotohop and also a voucher from adam ross fabrics from the raffle at sew brum.  i’ll post a picture on instagram soon of the adam ross fabrics as they’re really lovely.  i’ve only got one girl charlee fabric left to use, which is all cut out and ready to become a mustard grainline hemlock tshirt.

as my stash has built up, i thought i would make a wishlist of patterns that i’d like to work through.  some i own, some i don’t.  i admit that i haven’t used my account on the foldline to it’s fullest, but times are a-changing and i’ve logged most things i would like to sew on there.  so without further ado, here are the patterns i would like to make!


first is the ernest coat by republic du chiffon.  there’s a peter pan collar on a coat.  i don’t think i need to say more!  i don’t have this pattern, and to be honest it’s not a “priority sew” so that might stay in the wishlist for a while.

the next three are grainline patterns.  i don’t have the linden or the morris blazer, but i do have the moss skirt.


these few are ones that i don’t have the pattern for any of them.

i remember seeing the tulip top on pinterest ages ago and thinking how cute it was.  it’s simple but i really love it!

the kelly anorak is everything i want in a jacket, and if i had some more spare money, one of those hardware kits would be sitting waiting in my sewing room right now.  however, as it’s more than just fabric i need, another one for the wish list list.

the carolyn pj’s are super cute, and i get jealous of all of bianca’s wonderful versions (@baylore on instagram if you want to check her out, her sewing skills are next level!).  i’d love to make some snuggly brushed cotton ones for winter.

the zinnia is a skirt i like, but might save it for summer.


next are a few deer and doe patterns which i own none of, but love all of.  i would like to lose weight before making the safran pants (haha okay) and think i could happily make the melilot shirt now.  i’d shorten the fumitory skirt and the hazel skirt would be great for work.


i love the mortmain dress, and rhiannon’s versions are ace (find her blog here and her instagram is @rhiannonbrum).  it’s definitely a dress that is my style, and is making it’s way steadily on the “to make” list.

i love the wrap skirt and it echoes the tulip design of the top i like too.

the washi dress is also going on the “to make” list.  jess has made a few i love, and it’s another that is 100% me.  jess’s instagram is @jb_kiwi and her blog is here if you’d like to see her washi dresses.  and all the other clothes she’s made that i want to steal!

i love the roberts collection, especially the jumpsuit.  elle has made the most gorgeous linen set which i might try on then leave while wearing.  you know elle, @sewpositivity on instagram.


i’ve got the darling ranges dress which i’m keen to make, although it might be one to save for the summer.  i love the v-neck and the button down front.

the kielo wrap dress is one i like but would shorten, like fiona did from diary of a chain stitcher.  talking of fiona, her blog is the reason i want to make the rosari skirt.  it’s a really cute button down skirt which is another thing i would definitely wear.

i love the cami dress by pauline alice, and i can see myself wearing this on a spring day with a nice cardigan. jen from gingerthreadgirl wore a beautiful one at the sewing weekender!


i’ve downloaded adelaide and mesa, and just need to find some fabrics to use with them.

i’ve also been considering buying the sew over it capsule wardrobe book, as there are several patterns in there which are similar to a few i like that i’ve mentioned previously.  i’ve not had much experience with sew over it patterns, but i might put it on my christmas list.

i’ve got the doris dress, and some fabric to use for it, it’s just a matter of getting round to making my toile!


the tulip skirt is suuuuper high on my list “to sew”.  i had a black tulip skirt i loved from h&m but it disintegrated through all the washing and wearing.  i’d love to re-create it with this pattern.

the vintage shirt dress is also another one i love, and there are so many versions that inspire me.  amy from almond rock has made some lovely versions.   she’s also made some great cambi dresses so that’s on my list too.

the saltspring dress is one i’ve had my eye on for a while, and i’ve got some looooovely viscose that would be perfect for it.  however, definitely one for the summer.


finally, i’m sure you’re relieved to see, my last collection of four patterns.

i love the southport dress and it’s another summer make.

the hannah dress is another one that elle has made, and i really like the unique design of it.  i’ve got the pattern, but need to decide on the fabric.

the lola dress is one i’ve seen online a few times, and a jumper dress would be perfect for the winter.  i might bump this one up my list too!  yasmeen has made one, you can check it out on her instagram @_ym.sews_.

finally is the chloe dress.  i’ve only just seen this one on the pattern library, and now i’ve decided i want to make it!

so there you go, the entirety of my current sewing wish list.  it doesn’t include some that i’ve already got, but these were the most interesting.

what are you planning on sewing over the winter months?  (also thanks for sticking it out if you got this far, haha.)

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“the foldline wish list!”
  • Hi Rachel. So sorry to hear you’ve had someone close to you pass away. I hope you and your family are able to support each other through it. And your sewing wish list is enormous – where do you think you’ll start, when you get a bit more time?

  • Hey Rachel, thank you for following me on Bloglovin, I’m following you now too. Love your Indie pattern wish list. I have the Morris Blazer pattern but have been scared to try it because I’ve seen so many that have a problem at the bottom front hem where the facing attaches. Seems there is a bit of pulling there on most of the ones I’ve seen made. I guess I will try it out one day. Thanks again for following!

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