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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

i finished knitting something! my robin jumper

hi friends!

well hasn’t this post been a long time coming.

in april 2o14, i started knitting a jumper.  i carried on knitting that damn jumper until april 2016.  now it’s december 2016 and i’m blogging about it.  i couldn’t really blog about a knitted jumper in summer now, could i?

it’s the robin jumper, which can be found here on ravelry.  i saw this jumper on one of my original favourite sewing blogs when andrea from four square walls made it.  she said it took her 6 weeks to knit and i didn’t see why it wouldn’t take me that long either. AHAHAHA.  let’s all laugh at my ridiculous first knitting project ambition.

it’s actually a really boring jumper to knit because it’s all just plain knit.  it’s in the round, so not even any purling.  a good watching-tv-can’t-do-anything-complicated kinda things, but it doesn’t really inspire you to keep going.

i’m not the fastest knitter in the world, but at one point it was taking me 40 mins to do one row at the widest point of the jumper!

i didn’t buy markers, i used safety pins with labels on, haha.

once i finished the bodice i was so pumped that i finished the sleeves relatively quickly. like less than a month to finish i think.

i chose not to do the high-low hem as i thought i would prefer it all one length.


this was when i’d finished the bodice and i was super happy, haha.

it was the first time i’d knitted on circular needles, then also the first time i’d knitted on DPNs to finish the sleeves off.  the ladies at christine’s woolshop in bourneville were so helpful, i went in twice to ask them for help (and to buy my DPNs) and they were more than willing to help this n00b out.

you can imagine my excitement (if you have ever finished knitting a garment!) that i had once i finished casting off my final sleeve.  i put the jumper on anddddd…

IT WAS FLIPPING MASSIVE.   what had i done!?  admittedly the pattern isn’t the most detailed in which size you should make, only that it says to base it on your hip measurement.  well now i know my hips are pretty wide compared to the rest of me, i should have gone down a size… that’s the experience that two year’s of dressmaking gives you!

i took to my overlocker to help fix things for me and my huge huge jumper.  i overlocked new side seams and went down the arms too.  i went over it so many times because i was so paranoid about missing a bit and it unravelling.

in my haste my stripes ended up not matching on the sides.  it’s a small price to pay for being able to now actually wear the jumper i spent so long making.

you can see it’s still too long here but i’m not too fussed.  it keeps me really snug and the oversized-ness looks alright now it’s not a tent, right?!

it is so cosy.  so good for those evenings where i’m the only one cold and i can’t turn the heating up any more than it already is, haha.

i love the detail on the sleeve/bodice join that the increases make.

while i was knitting this jumper i said that i wouldn’t bother knitting another garment.  however as soon as i finished making this, i was straight back on ravelry finding something else to make.  i’m now about 75% done on my kim hargreaves hazel cardigan.  i’m not holding out loads of hope that i’ll finish it before the end of the year, but i’m not far off now so who knows!

so there you have it.  my first ever finished knitted garment.  may there be many more in my future.

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“i finished knitting something! my robin jumper”

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