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sewing room planning

hey sewing friends!

i’ve decided that i’d really like to sort my sewing room out in 2017.  it’s not going to be an over night process but i thought i’d better start putting some ideas together somewhere!

here’s a picture of  my room at the moment:


messiest ever, haha.

i feel like pinterest would be good for this but i really hate pinterest.  there are such an unreasonable amount of adverts and crap suggested posts that don’t have any relevance to anything, ugh.  so i decided to share my plans on the blog, where maybe you can suggest some things you guys have found useful.

my room is in the loft.  while it’s a proper loft conversion, there’s a wall that is slanted which takes away a useable wall.  it’s also got a built in cupboard made of pine.  i really hate pine, haha.

i’m starting with the floor and walls.

at the moment i’ve got bare floorboards, and while most people see them love them, i hate them.  my pins (and sometimes small buttons) go down between the gaps and it doesn’t make for a cosy warm room.  i’ve decided i want a laminate in there so it should be easy to sweep all my threads up.  if there’s no carpet, there’s less risk of needles waiting in there, point up!  with a good underlay this should be a bit nicer than the bare boards that are in there now.

i really like this colour, kind of a grey/brown.

i think i want a bit of colour on the walls.  i was going to go all white but then every man and his dog’s sewing room is pure white, so i might go different.  at the moment on my little half wall (where the roof angles down) it’s briiiiight pink (i really don’t like pink!) so i think this purple should cover it nicely!  i might also use the same purple on the opposite wall which is my only full height wall with no windows etc.  the other two walls might be light grey.


on the “main wall” (the one without windows) i want to do something similar to this with lots of pictures all jumbled up.


(photo links to the original source)

most of the pictures i want to put up are cross stitches that i have done.  i’ve also got one my mom has done to go up too!  i think all those over that purple colour will look great.

in the room when we bought the house was a built in pine cupboard that was a wardrobe.  my dad has taken out the rail for me and put some shelves in.  i’ve been thinking about taking it out, but actually it’s a really big, good storage area and with some TLC i hope i can make it look a bit better!


it’s all tongue and groove panels so i’m hoping that by sanding it all down and using a super shiny white gloss paint that i can make it look much cleaner and more modern.

the shelves my dad put in are really deep so plenty of room for baskets like these.


they’re from ikea and seem to be pretty good, i really like that mesh netting at the front; i should be able to see what i’ve got in there!  i also like the colours too, which means they’re probably found in the children’s section!

i want to make sure i can see everything i’m doing but i don’t have loaaaads of ceiling height.


this light seems like it would be good, it’s pretty flush to the ceiling but has spot lights that i can aim around.  it’s from wayfair and comes in a whole rainbow of colours but this one is my favourite.  i also have a free-standing LED spot light from ikea which is so bright and useful.

the main thing that i was having a problem deciding on was storing my sewing patterns.  i read online (i think it was lladybird who said it) that a good way to store your paper patterns is in comic book plastic jackets with cardboard backing.  so i’ve bought some of those to put my paper patters in.

then i was stuck on PDF storage; those things are too bulky for the comic book jackets.  i read somewhere else online (and i am sorry because i can’t remember who posted about it!) that foolscap plastic wallets are a really good size for storing PDF patterns.  they’re a bit bigger than A4, meaning that your pattern don’t have to be too folded, and you can get your instructions in there with them.

i’m going to need some boxes to put those folders in, so i’m going to take my folders and comic book wallets with me to ikea to check out these storage things.


they’re called KUPOL and you can buy lots of them individually, or all stuck together with castors that can be pushed around.  i’m hoping i can fit a few of them on the floor of my built in cupboard so they can stay neat and tidy out of the way.

i’ll get some stickers and label them up so i know what is in there.

so there you go, those are my plans.  i already bought new desks when we moved in, so i’m hoping that costs will be kept relatively low.  the most expensive thing will be the flooring and the most time consuming is going to be making that pine cupboard look as nice as i want it to!

i will post some before and after comparison pics when it’s all done.

i will be back very soon with some finished sewing projects because my parents bought me a proper tripod for christmas, yay!  when i lived with them i would just steal my dad’s so i’m really happy to have my own.

happy sewing!

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  • If you are determined to use that flooring then get samples of it (and any similar) and compare in your room with large paint swatches (paint samples on large pieces of poster board). You want to be sure that the undertones of the gray flooring and paint complement the purple – often grays have a green undertone which could be trouble. I would keep the gray paint pretty light – just dark enough for the white woodwork & built-in to stand out.

    Sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought – can’t wait to see it all come together!

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