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grainline linden sweatshirt

hi everyone!

two blog posts within a week is super unusual for me but i just couldn’t wait to share this with you!

i think everyone has made one of these now, it’s the grainline linden sweatshirt.

i made this sweatshirt out of 1 metre (!!!!!) of fabric that was 60inches wide. it’s a loop back sweatshirt fabric and it came from leicester market when i went last year with a few sewing pals.  sandy (@sandysimcox on instagram) asked for two metres to make some trousers with, but the man misheard and cut a metre.  he then gave me said metre for free, so yay free fabric!

i wasn’t sure whether i would be able get the jumper out of such a small amount of fabric when the pattern calls for 1.5m so i was quite a bit short.  however the width of the fabric allowed me to do some fancy cutting to squeeze it out.  the only thing i had to sacrifice was having my back waistband in two pieces.  a small sacrifice i think you will agree!

the jumper sewed up really easily; it’s a raglan style sweater with a neckband.  you can use ribbing for the neckband and cuffs, but as i didn’t have any in my stash i just used the same fabric all over.

it’s an oversized loose garment, so when i picked my sizing i took into account the finished measurements listed.

my measurements are 36-32-43, so i graded between sizes and made 8-12-12.  i’m glad that i made the smaller neckline as it sits nicely.  if i was to make it again i would use the same size, but shorten the sleeves because they’re quite long.

it’s so cosy and nice, i want to wear it all the time and just have naps!

when i showed james the finished jumper he said how much he liked it and that i “should be very proud of it”.  very high praise indeed!

so there you go, one of MANY.  i hope that next year another linden swap will run because i can’t wait to take part!

yay jumper!

see you soon with another grainline make.


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