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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

Moneta Party Sponsors!

Hi everyone!

The discount for Minerva Crafts might be ending today but I’ve got something to tantalise your tastebuds to see who we’ve got giving you wonderful bunch some prizes…

I’m sure you’ve seen Elle’s post about how the party is working but I thought I’d do a little re-cap.

Once the party has finished on Sunday 26th February, we’ve got 9 main sponsors who are picking their favourites.  The person picked by each company wins a prize donated by that company.  For instance, if Sew Essential pick you as their winner, you will win the prize that Sew Essential are donating for the quarter finalist.  The same works for the rest of them; if they pick you, you win the prize they have donated.

Once we have our final 9, those people will go to Colette to pick their favourite 3.  They are donating a prize for each of their 3 favourites.

(I’ll spell it out here because I’m dense and I would need things explaining to me… At this point the people who have been chosen as one of Colette’s favourite 3 will have two prizes; the one they won when they were chosen in the final 9, and one from Colette.)

Then there’s the final bit of choosing to do, and that comes down to you, the public!

The final 3 that Colette pick will go up on Instagram and you’ll have to comment A B or C (or 1, 2 or 3, whichever we decide!) with which is your favourite dress out of those 3.

That person will then win eeeeeeverything that is in the grand prize pool.  And it is grand, so so grand.

This post will be updated once we have announced all the prizes, but here is a little snippet about each of the companies and what role they are having in the moneta party and the ones we have announced already.


Guthrie and Ghaniguthrie-ghani-navy copy (1)

“We love sewing as much as our customers and know what a difference it makes to have beautiful top quality fabrics.Thats why we’ve picked only the best for our range of dressmaking and craft fabrics and paired them up with the coolest indie patterns along with all the notions you need to create an amazing handmade wardrobe!”

Guthrie and Ghani are giving a £20 voucher to the quarter finalist of their choice, and putting a £20 voucher into the grand prize pool for the winner.

Minerva Crafts

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.11.11

“Minerva Crafts is a family run business that was established in 1998, born out of a love for fabric, sewing and knitting, aiming to bring you a craft website like no other. Our aim is to be Europe’s no 1 online sewing, knitting and craft retailer, bringing you the best products at the best prices with fast and affordable delivery. “

Minerva are donating a £50 jersey fabric bundle for their choice of favourite dress.  They are donating a £100 jersey fabric bundle towards the grand prize pool.

Sew Essential


“At Sew Essential we love sewing as much as you do – our range of over 20000 products certainly reflect our sewing obsession! We stock everything you need to complete your next project from the pattern, fabric, habby, tools & gadgets to the sewing machine or overlocker, furniture & storage. With low postage costs & expert advice on tap you can get all your essentials at Sew Essential.”

Sew Essential are giving a pattern of the winner’s choice to their quarter finalist, and a £25 voucher into the grand prize pool for the winner.


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.19.37

“At FABERWOOD we carefully curate our selection, seeking out the finest quality textiles from around the world. At the heart of what we do, is a desire to connect people with designers that will surprise and inspire them. Our emphasis is on the unconventional, modern graphical designs we love, not the mock vintage patterns of the mainstream.”

Faberwood are donating a goodie bag for the quarter finalist of their choice, and a tshirt into the grand prize pool for the overall winner.


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.21.33

“Fabworks Online has a huge array of dressmaking and sewing fabrics to choose from.  Whether you need some wool to throw around your neck as a scarf that keeps out the winter chill, or a stretchy jersey to make a bespoke T-shirt, Fabworks Online has it all!”

Fabworks are donating £20 store credit for the quarter finalist of their choice and are donating a luxury dress making bundle worth £50 to the grand prize pool.

Girl Charlee

“Girl Charlee is a family run, online retailer of exclusive knit fabrics for the UK & Europe.  They specialise in unique Cotton Jersey, Cotton Lycra, Ponte De Roma, Cotton Rib Knits, French Terry, Hacci and other speciality knit fabrics. Girl Charlee also have independent designer sewing patterns for knits in digital format for download.”

Girl Charlee are donating 3m of fabric of the winner’s choice to their quarter finalist, and 3m of fabric into the grand prize pool for the overall winner.

Crafty Sew & So

“Crafty Sew&So has been offering craft and sewing workshops around Leicestershire since 2013.
In 2015 we expanded into our current premises in St.Martins Square in the heart of Leicester city centre.
Here we offer premium quality fabrics and haberdashery, independent patterns, Brother sewing Machines, kits and gifts for sewing enthusiasts and a wide range of sewing workshops. “

Crafty Sew and So are offering a £10 voucher to the quarter finalist they choose, and then putting in 2.5m of jersey fabric into the grand prize for the winner.

The Village Haberdashery


“The Village Haberdashery is a modern craft shop and class studio based in West Hampstead, London. Our aim is to inspire everyone who walks through our door – or clicks onto our website – to make something amazing! We love to put a modern spin on traditional crafts and hand pick our products with contemporary crafters in mind. Many of the products we stock are locally, independently and or sustainably produced and everything we offer is beautifully designed.”

The Village Habadashery are offering a £25 voucher for the quarter finalist they choose, and another £25 voucher into the grand prize pool for the winner.

Adam Ross Fabrics

Logo- Premium Dressmaking Fabrics

‘’Adam Ross Fabrics is a leading fabric supplier in the UK, offering a huge selection dressmaking and home furnishing fabrics. We are passionate about delivering a high quality service to all of our valued customers. With free delivery on all UK orders and 365 day returns, why not try the independently verified 5 Star rated service today?  With hundreds of fabrics available online, there’s something for everyone. Or for a shopping experience you won’t forget, book a personal shopping session with one of our sales specialists at our Birmingham base.’’

Adam Ross Fabrics are giving a £20 voucher to the quarter finalist of their choice, and a £35 voucher & goodie box into the grand prize for the winner.

Those are our final 9 choosers, and then we’ve got the following generous people donating to the winner’s prize pool…

Beyond Measure

“Beyond Measure is an online shop selling beautiful unique tools and gifts for folk who make.”

Beyond Measure are donating several prizes to the grand prize pool for the winner.  This consists of a Sew Peanut printed panel, and a selection of beautifully crafted needles and pins.

Dragonfly Fabrics

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.40

“We are a husband and wife team who set up Dragonfly Fabrics in order to provide quality dressmaking fabrics at affordable prices.  Our fabrics include a lovely selection of natural linen fabrics including eco or bio linens as well as a large range of boiled wool, cotton fabrics (including cotton jersey fabric) voiles, corduroys, jersey knits, cotton flannels along with dress patterns and haberdashery.”

Dragonfly Fabrics are donating a £50 voucher to the grand prize pool for the overall winner.

Wendy Ward

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.45.56

“Wendy Ward designs sewing patterns under the brand MIY Collection. Patterns that are easy-to-use, modern and easily adapted to the maker’s own style. Many are designed specifically for knitted fabrics.”

Wendy is donating 2 MIY patterns of the winners choice to the grand prize!

Wendy has donated

Ernest Wright

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 18.48.38

“Ernest Wright and Son Limited is a family owned scissors manufacturing company based in Sheffield, England – the birthplace of stainless steel.  The company was established in 1902 and have been making quality, hand finished scissors ever since.

Through the succeeding generations the company has maintained it’s excellent pedigree and is, to this day, a world-recognised name in the production of quality scissors and shears.  The full range of products, hand made in Sheffield to this day using age-old techniques and skills, covers all manner of household, kitchen, garden, industrial, craftsman, leisure and ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors applications.”

Ernest and Wright are donating a pair of embroidery scissors to each of the 9 quarter finalists, then a pair of dressmaking shears into the grand prize pool for the winner.

Fabric Godmother


“My name is Josie and I launched Fabric Godmother when I got frustrated at not being able to find fabulous, reasonably priced dressmaking fabrics along with all the other bits you need (patterns, habby etc) online.”

Fabric Godmother are donating 3m of fabric into the winner’s grand prize.


Sew Me Something

Small logo button copy

“It’s a place where people who have always wondered about sewing and making things, people who were put off sewing at school but still have an old machine tucked away somewhere and people who love sewing but are stuck for ideas or inspiration can get together; chat, share ideas and learn new skills over a cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake.

The selection of fabric, yarn and other gorgeous things in the emporium increases weekly to give our sewers and crafters the widest choice possible.”

Sew Me Something are donating two patterns of the winner’s choice into the grand prize pool. Paper patterns if you are a UK based winner, or PDF patterns if you are an international winner.


So there you go, we’ve got lots of people ready and waiting to give away all their prizes!  

We’ll be giving you all the details of the prizes in the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to share the party invite below to be in with a chance of winning a Sprout Patterns Moneta!

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 19.23.25



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