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all my monetas!

hi everyone!

it’s the moneta party this weekend, yay!  can you believe it?!  abigail elle and i started talking about this almost 9 months ago so for the time to be here is so exciting!

in preparation, i thought i would show off all (well, most!) of the monetas i’ve made!

i know i’ve got two more somewhere.  i just don’t know where they are… i’ll blame the house move!

this is number one!  it’s a ponte from somewhere online.  it was over two years ago that i made this one, it’s really held the test of washing and wearing on almost a weekly basis.

from this point on, i don’t remember the order i made them in so i’m just going in a random order, haha.

i made both of the two above for my holiday to florida two years ago.  TWO YEARS AGO.  i’m so mad that it was so long ago.

here’s another ponte one, i know the fabric was from the rag market and was £6 for three metres.  it’s alright but it aggravates me that the stripes on the skirt aren’t perfect around the waist.  i should have done vertical lines!  never mind.

here’s me losing count, haha (i got bored of posing!).  this is fabric from the market in leicester, but i’m not in love with it now.  i love the colour but it hasn’t faired well in the wash and it just doesn’t feel like it’s got any stretch any more!

sleeveless versions!  the top on is fabric from the rag market, with darts to take out the underarm excess.  the one underneath is fabric from girl charlee, where i lined the bodice for the first time.

here’s two more with fabric from girl charlee.  i need to shorten the length on both the skirts i think… the burgandy one is my only one with pockets, shock horror!

this is my spring/summer dress, it’s an art gallery knit from minerva.  it’s so soft (and could definitely have done with an iron before this pic…!).

my most recent version was this one i made for valentine’s day.  the fabric was £2.99 a metre from barry’s in birmingham.  i really love this one! no pun intended. move along.

so there you go, all my monetas!  i wear these dresses ALL THE TIME.  my office is smart casual so these are perfect with tights and a cardi.

how are your dresses coming along for the party?   i can’t wait to see them all!

if you’ve not got time to sew a new one, but you’ve already got one, then just use that!  there’s no rules about making a new one to party in.

just make sure you remember to post your picture with the tag #monetaparty in the specific times (keep an eye out on instagram for a reminder).  it’s also important to know that only your first picture will count, so make it a good one!  good luck!

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