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sew over it vintage shirt dress

hey sewing fans!

i hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and had a weekend full of sewing.  or at least something fun!

i spent my weekend in a manic panic on saturday morning as we had our assessment to see if we are suitable to adopt kittens from the cats protection.  we frantically tidied, cleaned, dusted and polished the entire house for the visit, only for the lady not to look around at all!  never mind, we are approved which is ace and are now patiently waiting for some tiny babies to be born into our world and join the wain/parsons household.  i can finally become the crazy cat lady that i know i was created to be!

i was planning on sunday being kelly anorak sewing day, but man it was warm here (shock horror, sunshine in england!)!  i sewed a pocket of the anorak on sunday morning, stopped to cut the grass, then was far too hot to be working with fleece backed fabric.

so i decided that it was time to take a plunge into the sew over it vintage shirt dress.  i bought some fabric from sarah over at amilliondresses during a de-stash she had on instagram recently.  i was all in love with this michael miller fabric for a few months, but never took the plunge.  now i have it and i’m even more in love with it as a dress!  i was panicking i would just put it away to savour forever if i’m honest, haha.

there was 2.3m of fabric and i got my sleeveless dress out of it.  i added some pockets so there was a bit of fabric left over, although i strategically cut the collar in two parts on the fold to give me a bit more room, instead of following the pattern telling you to cut it as a whole.  you do need two of them though, so if you try that make sure you cut two on the fold!  i didn’t cut my skirt quite as wide at the bottom as the fabric wasn’t wide enough, but i think the skirt is still plenty full.

pockets aren’t included in the pattern, so i just used the pocket piece from my moneta as well as the height of them on the skirt.  i wish i’d gone about an inch lower on them, and maybe a tiny bit bigger on them, but that really is a minor point.

here’s me being a creep when trying to get the best LOOK AT MAH POCKETS picture:

i thought about doing a toile for this dress as i’ve never made it before, but i’m really impatient and just cut straight into my arrow fabric.  i worked from the finished garment measurements because the waist of the size my measurements suggested had 4 inches of ease!  i thought that was loads, and it would loose any sort of “nipping in” at the waist.  i ended up making a size 10 for the top, grading out to a 12 for my waist and hips.

that really is the only “fitting” i did.  can you believe it?  i didn’t even have to raise the waistline which is normally an essential on any make for me.  i feel like the back fits beautifully and i don’t have any pooling at all.  for my next one i might lower the arm holes a bit, but that really is it!

aside from being a wonderful make because i didn’t need to do any crazy adjustments, it was really nice to put together too.  the instructions were great and i do like the way sew over it get you to finish seams before sewing things together; it lessens the risk for me of putting anything through my overlocker blade!  i just made sure that i didn’t chop any of that valuable seam allowance away when i finished my seams.

i had all this done from cutting in about 4 hours total, not including sewing my buttons on.  i got my buttons from an indoor market at a shopping centre local to me, they were 30p each and i’m really glad i went for these ones over some grey ones i also bought.

i did something that i never usually do when i was making this dress – i sewed over my pins.  i know it was a bad thing, but just bloody look at how well everything is lining up, JUST LOOK.

my sewing is never this accurate.  i’m sorry, proper sewing rule lovers, but i’m doing this every time from now on.  yeah maybe my needle will break and ping off into my face, but i’m gonna say it’s worth it when things like this happen!

one of my favourite things about this dress is this happy little accident….

the only thing that really went wrong was when i tried on my bodice to see where the waist line was going to hit, and ripped the back neck slightly, oops!  i know that if i’d stay stitched it would have happened, but whatever.  it’s hidden under my collar, and with everything else going so well i wasn’t even angry, i actually laughed at myself.  maybe it’s because i knew it could be fixed and then hidden!

i MASSIVELY love this dress and i was really proud of it when i was wearing it today.  i’ve already got a second version lined up in my mind and i’m hoping this time next week i’ll be wearing that one.

i don’t have anything to say about the bottom three pictures except that i really like the dress and wanted to use them, haha.

happy sewing, pals!


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