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vintage shirt dress – take 2!

less than a week later on from making my first vintage shirt dress, i’ve got another one.  what can i say, once you find a pattern that you like and that fits you well, why shouldn’t you have more than one?!

this time i used fabric from sew essential.  they have so many cute cottons that would be lovely for making this dress, they sell the pattern too!

i’m ashamed to say that lucy gave me this fabric at the sewing weekender last year august along with a cynthia rowley pattern that i thought would look super cute in these fabrics.  at this moment in time i basically feel like i’m carrying around a bit too much extra weight to feel comfortable in the cynthia rowley, but i will come back to it when i’ve got my act together and got back into going to the gym once more!

this dress lends it really well to a contrast collar so i emailed lucy asking if i could change my pattern selection.  lucky for me she said yes and i cut my fabric out straight away!

if you read my last blog post about the shirt dress, you’ll know i said the arm holes were a bit snug last time.  i didn’t change them this time. LOL.  i think the shape as it is is fine and i don’t think that it looks like it’s cutting into me too much…

this time round i had a bit of trouble with the collar not lining up properly.  i had to unpick it and fiddle around with it for a while.  this lead me to believe that maybe the one on my first version isn’t perfect because it went it “too well” the first time.  i’ve checked it and it seems okay, so maybe that one was meant to be the dream make.

one thing i didn’t mention last time is that this is the longest skirt length option.  i’m 5’4″ and it’s hitting me in a sort of knee-skimming way.  usually i take length off skirts but i’m grateful for it here so i can comfortably wear it without tights throughout the summer.

i got the buttons for this one from john lewis on my lunch.  they were called smartie buttons on the packet, it’s a good job they’re not coloured otherwise i would have ben tempted to eat them, haha.

i sewed over my pins again and everything is lining up perfectly.  i’m a real convert to this naughty way of sewing! haha.

i can’t recommend this pattern enough, everyone needs to try it!  i might make one with sleeves when those autumn months start rolling in.  not that i’m wishing the summer away or anything!

we’ve got a 4 day weekend in the UK next weekend, and our new sofas are being delivered on the wednesday before, so i’ve booked wednesday & thursday off too.  that means that i’ve got 6 days of doing nothing much (apart from sitting on the new sofa of course!) to make my kelly anorak.  yay!

happy sewing pals.


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“vintage shirt dress – take 2!”
  • I’m so pleased you mentioned the collar issue as I had problems getting my back facing to fit properly and had to recut the piece to fit. Your versions are beautiful 🙂

    • thanks jill! yeah the collar was a bit of a beast this time. i feel like it’s a fraction too wide? i ended up holding it over my hand and draping it round using the curve. hope that makes sense?!

  • Love that you have contrast collar and buttons to bring the white out of the pattern fabric. Just lovely. Carry on being naughty with the pins as it’s working. I sometimes do it then the needle hits one and I remember why I shouldn’t!!

  • I love both of your versions 🙂 I love this pattern as my first one was the turning point for my sewing actually looking good, and I find it’s actually pretty easy but looks impressive. I’m almost done with my latest one which I’m loving too. I find the collar a bit fiddly though, I did have to ease it and there are a few tucks hidden under the collar, but I couldn’t be bothered to do it again since you can’t see them, and the collar facing seems to have a bit too much fabric to sit nicely on my back, but oh well, nothing major.

  • This dress looks awesome Rach! You whipped it up so quickly too (unlike my response rate to your blog post!) Bet you’re enjoying wearing it in this lovely weather.

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