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a superswanky linden

hi everyone!

i’m blogging a make today that i am in loooooove with.

it’s another linden sweatshirt, but this time in a gorgeous atelier brunette dazzle night sweatshirt jersey from Cotton Reel Studio.  laura got in touch with me when the shop first opened and asked if i would like some – how could i say no?!  unfortuantly the fabric i had is sold out now, but they have so many other beautiful fabrics it’s 100 million percent worth taking a look.

i would describe this fabric as a lightweight sweatshirt jersey, it’s probably got a similar weight to a ponte roma, but with a super soft loop back.

when the parcel eventually landed (thanks/no thanks royal mail) laura had included some gold bias binding to match the gold flecks in the fabric. POW!  the gold piping linden was born.

 i was so excited about it i even bought metallic thread to make everything that extra bit shinier.  i got a metallic needle for it, and had absolutely no problems sewing with it.

i used the metallic thread around the cuffs, neckband and waistband.  i thought about doing it either side of the piping but i didn’t want to stretch anything out when things had already gone well up to that point.  if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.   i used a straight stitch on about length 3.  i thought about using a triple stitch, but actually it’s oversized enough that none of the parts i’ve top stitched need stretching to get the jumper on.

this is as “full front” of a picture that you’re getting of this, because a) the conservatory was too warm for me to be in there for longer than 10 minutes b) my glasses were giving me glare and i had to take them all off. now i’ve got this squint from the blurriness and the brightness, haha.   also everyone knows what a linden looks like now so that’s fine.

you can see the gold stitching round the neckband a bit more here.

i made an adjustment from the first linden i made, and that was to add an inch all the way around the neck to make it come up a bit higher.  i really love my first one, but it sometimes had some tshirt-peeping going on, and i’d like to hide everything away.  i don’t want to look scruffier than i am!  that meant that i had to shorten the original neckband, but that wasn’t a problem.

i’ve actually been too worried to wash it because i don’t know how well the piping will hold up, are you supposed to wash that before you put it in garments too!?  i think a cold wash or a hand wash will be what this gets treated to, haha.

little disclaimer:  the fabric was provided by cotton reel studio, but the shiny gold piping induced views are my all my own.  thought of them all by myself, haha.

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