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seamwork reggie dress

hey everyone,

i was in two minds about posting this today; a new dress seems a bit petty to be talking about after the terrible incident in manchester.   however, i decided that it’s best to carry on, even though it might not be top priority, because terrorists want to disrupt everything and i don’t really want to cave.

so on to nicer things, my latest make – the seamwork reggie dress!

as soon as i saw the pictures of both the new seamwork patterns this month (reggie and gabrielle) i really wanted to make both of them.  if you’ve been following my instagram/blog for any time at all, you’ll know that knit fabric is my favourite, so i surprised myself when i made reggie first.

it’s a really loose swingy dress; it reminds me of the shape of my japanese dress, from stylish dress book.

i based my sizing on my bust sizing as it’s so big everywhere else, so i made a straight size 8.  i sewed the sleeve cuff with a seam allowance of 3/8th instead of 5/8ths of an inch due to cake-filled-biceps.

i chose to make the member exclusive version, which is a faux wrap.  you get a new bodice, and you need less fabric as the skirt is all joined rather than having two fronts that wrap over one and another.  the sleeves are gathered into a cuff, which i will discuss further! (TLDR: i had a nightmare with the cuff)

the fabric i have used is a lovely linen blend from simply solids.  they had 15% off all dressmaking fabrics which basically worked out as free postage.  this was just what i was looking for; patterned but still a neutral, if that makes sense?!   i’ve never ordered from them before but was really pleased with how fast the fabric arrived.

putting the dress together was easy enough, although i think there should be a new facing piece with the faux wrap bodice as the facing piece wasn’t the right shape at the bottom.  i’ve emailed colette so it’ll hopefully an easy fix for anyone planning to make this!  i’ll be honest it wasn’t anything major – i lined all the top markings up, and then just trimmed the excess off the bottom edges, no drama llamas.

i took some learning from making the sew over it vintage shirt dress when finishing my raw edges; i really like the way those instructions get you to finish the edges before sewing any seams, i’m now finding this better then sewing seams before overlocking, there’s less risk of putting a big hole in something with the overlocker blade!

the dress has darts in the bodice and two in the back, it gives the back bodice a bit of shape which is nice.

i was having a lovely time making this until i got to the cuffs.  i don’t know whether i was reading the instructions wrong or what, but they ended up being inside out and i had no idea what to do.  the instructions don’t mention anything about whether you need to join the edges of your cuffs before you attach it to the sleeve so i just cracked on and did what i thought was best.  just don’t look too close, okay?

i ended up verbally threatening the sleeves when i was setting them in after my hour spent on the cuffs, and  thankfully they went in perfectly first time.

i took about two inches off the length of the 8 and it finishes just above my knee as you can see.  i couldn’t decide how to finish the hem because of the contrast in colours in the fabric.  in the end i felt a blind hem would be better (thanks to elle, my teacher and sewing guide from sew positivity for opening my eyes to this wonderful finishing method!) and it’s come out nicely i think.

and that’s really about all there is to say!  i’m really pleased with the finished article and could see myself making another one, i bet a solid black one would get a lot of wear!

sending everyone, everywhere love.


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  • Nice job! I’m debating getting the Reggie pattern to make my first Seamwork dress. After seeing yours I may just have to do it.

  • Your dress has turned out beautifully <3

    I have just purchased the Reggie pattern and also found it strange that it made no mention about joining the edges of the cuffs before attaching to the sleeve, so I too joined them first as I thought that best (and it certainly turned out to be the right thing to do).

    I also found that the second fold of 1" when preparing the cuff fell short of the seam line where the cuff and the sleeve had been joined, so I increased mine to about 1 1/8".

    I started late last night so just finishing it off now and may well wear it out to Sunday lunch 😉

  • Thanks for posting re. the Reggie dress. I have the pattern and have been dragging my feet but yours is so inspiring!! Love!

    • ah, that’s lovely! thank you! i really like it. the empire waist is a strange one to get used to as it’s not my usual style, but it’s nice and floaty!

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