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the big stitch!

hey everyone,

have you heard about a project called The Big Stitch?

Seamstress Jackie McMillian upcycles and makes clothes for BHF’s The Big Stitch campaign. Photography by Danny Fitzpatrick www.dfphotography.co.uk danny@dfphotography.co.uk +44 (0) 7779 606901

the british heart foundation launched this initiative on july 1st (i’m late with my post! forgive me, kittens have taken over my life) and the idea is to go and buy something from one of their shops, and use your refashioning skills to make it into something wearable, thus giving it a new lease of life!


you can find more information here… https://www.bhf.org.uk/TheBigStitch.

i’m quite excited about making something for this!   it’ll be just like the re-fashioning bit from the sewing bee, but i’m definitely going to give myself longer than 90mins haha.

BHF The Big Stitch. Campaign Image2

there’s a competition running to win a night out in the west end if you post your creations before July 31st on twitter, instagram or facebook with the hashtag #TheBigStitch.

BHF The Big Stitch. Campaign Imagery6

i’m going to go out tomorrow and get buying!

the pictures in this post were provided by the british heart foundation and they feature Jackie McMillian upcyclying and making closed for the campaign.  the photography was done by Danny Fitzpatrick www.dfphotography.co.uk danny@dfphotography.co.uk 07779606901.



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