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interchangeable separates

hey everyone,


man what a busy few weeks it’s been since i posted last.  i’ve been sewing quite a bit but really haven’t had much spare time to get around to taking pictures.


i had to make some time to do pictures this morning though as i’ve done a pattern review for a magazine – exciting!  i can’t show you what i made yet, but the post will be up in february time.


i took the opportunity to take pictures of some other things i’ve made.  they’re not all recent makes, and you’ve probably seen me wearing a few of these already on instagram, but i haven’t blogged about them.  i considered making separate posts about them all, but actually they all work so well together i thought i’d call this post my “interchangeable separates”.


so here we go… the mega crop bumper blog as elle from sewpositivity has just called it haha.  i did iron everything in these pictures before i took them but i’ll be damned if they really don’t look like it now lol!


the astoria jumper from seamwork magazine/colette patterns is something i have made a couple of times before but only blogged once (i think!).  yesterday i made this grey one out of a lovely fabric i got from doughtys when i went with elle the other day.



it took me as long to get this neckline stretched out to perfection as it did to construct the rest of the top!  however i’m really pleased with it now and am really happy with the twin needle finishing.

i’ve got fabric lined up to make another 3 of these.  i really love the length to wear with high waisted things, or under things as i don’t have to worry about the bulk of tucking things in.




the skirt i’m wearing is the sew over it erin skirt from the city break e-book.

i spent a really long time top stitching this skirt, and i actually used top stitching thread.  because it’s thicker than normal thread, you need a topstitching needle to work with it.  i used a regular weight grey thread in my bobbin.  it’s a time like that when you want one machine set up for regular sewing, and a second machine set up for top stitching.. if only, eh!

it’s the second one of these skirts i made, the first being this mustard cord one…



the fabric was from guthrie and ghani last year in their end of year sale.  i believe this stuff sold out extremely quickly!


i used my precious scraps of a double gauze, also from guthrie and ghani, for the pockets here.  i love a navy/mustard combination!

i think i made a straight size 14 in this skirt.  i compared a RTW button down skirt i already have to see whether it would be okay.  i call them standing up skirts because there is no stretch in either fabric and therefore doesn’t make for a comfortable sitting down for dinner skirt! haha.



another recent make which goes with my denim skirt is my seamwork neenah top.  this is sold as a dress pattern, but i just chopped off where i wanted my hem to be; you can’t see here but it’s the same length as a standard tshirt.




you can see the lines underneath my skirt from where the top is tucked in – this is why i like a crop length!

this top was really easy to make and there’s not a lot more to say than “it’s a t-shirt” haha.  i do like the little cuffs, which make a change from just a turned under hem on a sleeve.  the roll neck is pretty long – mine goes over three times!  extra snuggly for winter.

the fabric for this one was on the £2 p/m table at barry’s.  i bought the fabric in black, grey and olive green too because i think they’ll fit in well with all these interchangeable separates!



up next with neenah is my second tilly and the buttons cleo.


it’s made from a robert kaufman denim which i bought from john lewis with some birthday money in the summer.  it’s got a really subtle plaid running through it which i really struggled to capture/completely failed to capture.  because of the seemingly invisible plaid, i decided to cut the front and back as whole pieces; i just folded the seam allowance back and then cut them “on the fold”.



i’m sure everyone and their wife has made this dress now but i’m not surprised.  it’s really cute and i always love wearing mine.


the first one i made is this one; in a rather soft denim from barry’s.




this one is shorter than my black one.  i didn’t want a “mini” version, so i added two inches to the mini pattern piece length.  i have a real thing about things being central so i didn’t follow the seam instructions, instead i just did a regular seam, pressed it open and top stitched down either side.   sometimes i think this denim is too lightweight but then it’s so comfortable that i don’t care too much!


the top i’m wearing with it is a christine haynes piper top.

i made this probably a year ago(ish) and i like it, i think i might give it another go but would add 1cm each side of the shoulder to give me some extra width before my sleeve starts.  i feel like i’m always tugging it down so it sits properly.

it might be down to the fabric being so spongy though; it was an off cut from a lady at the rag market and really was only meant to be a wearable toile.




i realised that i didn’t get any un-covered pictures of that so here’s a couple on my new dressmaker’s dummy – i’m so happy with it!  i drove all the way to leeds to collect it from becca.  i was really cheeky and sent her a message asking what she was doing with her old one after she posted about having a new one! haha.


the next outfit doesn’t include any of the previous elements but i think i could wear it with my astoria jumper; it’s the sew over it tulip skirt.  boy did i have problems fitting this!!  somewhere on my instagram there’s a picture of how tight it was, even though i cut out the right size.  i’m under no illusion that i’m about 2 stone heavier than when i started the blog, but i have definitely measured myself frequently and properly haha!




i got the wool from the rag market at the very first sewbrum – 3 years ago?!   i bought the lining especially to match the wool and was waiting for the perfect pattern.  i’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t too bulky, but it does get a lot of wear to work.



you might remember the black one from instagram when i had to do some speedy sewing – i was interviewing people at work and had no suitable clothing!  i prefer this one to the green one, just because it’s not as bulky.  however it’s not lined so i always have to wear a slip with it.  the fabric is just a black cotton from john lewis.  it creases A LOT.


“what about the blouse?” i hear you ask!  well, this is an unexpected favourite.  it was also made during “speedy interview sewing” week and it’s a colette aster blouse.

it’s made from a peach skin fabric from john lewis and i really loved working with this stuff.  i also love washing it because it doesn’t need ironing, yay!  my favourite type of sewing!




the flutter sleeves are really flattering and i think it can be work in a ton of ways – i’d love to make more and will probably add them to my spring makes list.   i did do button holes but actually it’s loose enough that you could fake it and just sew your buttons straight through both plackets.


FINALLY i made a jumper; the seamwork sadie.




this is such a cosy jumper and i’m going to live in it all winter.  the fabric is from the sewcial studio, a lovely shop in tamworth.  it’s definitely worth a little trip as they’ve got a whole lot of jersey to choose from!  this is a loop-back, super soft stripe that was lovely to sew with.  i cut the jumper out on the single layer because of wanting to get the stripes straight.



so there you go, the majority of my most recent makes!!  hope you’re all enjoying the run up to christmas; i’m off to get the decorations out the loft now!



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