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vogue 9275

hey everyone!

so you might have seen my instagram post about reviewing the vogue 9275 coat in january’s issue of sew now magazine – exciting!  i’m here today with the full blog post to accompany the article; forgive me if i’m repeated a bit of what i wrote there!

i wanted to make the coat version of 9275 ever since i saw kate from the fold line wearing her monochrome version.  when sam from sew now magazine got in touch, specifying she didn’t want a dress review, i thought it was a great time to venture into making this jacket!

i’m referring to it as a bit of a long-line bomber jacket, as it has the same ribbing on the neckline and cuffs. it’s quite a casual pack of patterns, you get leggings, trousers, a loose top and the jacket.  i’d definitely make the top (i’m all about slouch cuz i’m a sloth really).


the fabric choice was all based on what would show up best in print, so it’s not my usual colour palette.  saying that, i’m actually really pleased with how striking the final garment is.  it’s a wool, provided by minerva crafts.  the lining (also provided by minerva, as well as the ribbing, thanks haha!) is a silvery slinky number, i wanted a contrast.

before i started sewing i messaged kate for some sizing help, i remembered she’d said it came up really big!  i took her advice and used the finished garment sizes, cutting a small for my bust & waist, grading into a medium for my hips.

the jacket came together really easily, in fact the most difficult thing about it was cutting out the fabric so my pattern all matched up.

i chose to overlock all my pieces individually before sewing them – the wool was fraying quite quickly, and actually having the individually finished pieces made my seams less bulky, and it was much easier to get separate pieces through the overlocker, rather than trying to bundle the whole coat through.

showing off the good old side seam pockets there!

by some absolute flipping fluke, the zip went in perfectly lined up, first time, no basting.  these things happen sometimes and boy was i glad it did with this coat!

a few days before finishing the coat i had picked up my dressmaker’s dummy from rebecca.  while i don’t think it’s 100% necessary to have one, it REALLY helped me out with this jacket.  it made sure i could get the lining hanging perfectly, and as i hand sewed the lining and coat outer together, it made a big difference having both my hands free to work on the job at hand.

i really liked making the jacket, but i’m not sure about having such a busy print unbroken across such a big garment; i think some sort of pocket on the front with black ribbing across the top would help to break it up.  however that might just be me being a print-based scaredy cat.  i will definitely be making another one, this time in my more standard emo colour palette.

if you’re wondering, the other clothes i’m wearing here are my sew over it erin skirt, and my seamwork astoria jumper.  they can be seen more in this post 🙂

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“vogue 9275”
  • I love this silhouette for a casual jacket. The length gives it a bit more panache than it’s “bomber” sister! And pockets are always a good idea

  • I don’t wear an huge amount of patterned clothing and it can be quite scary wearing a bold pattern – it looks great on you!I’m very tempted by this pattern as every version I’ve seen of this long-line bomber jacket online has been a winner and it looks like quite a simply construction compared to the average coat.

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