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simplicity 6468

hey everyone!

i’m showing you a bit of a fancy pants make today; my version of simplicity 6468.


a few months ago simplicity asked me if i would like to review a couple of patterns for them.  my cousin is getting married in april; i thought it would be a nice occasion to make a dress for, so i chose 6468 as i liked the look of the floaty sleeves on view C’s bodice.  i didn’t want to make a long dress, because it’s not my usual vibe, so i went for the shorter skirt from view D.

i’ve tried to get photos from different angles as the print is quite large.

the fabric i used is from the sewcial studio in tamworth – isn’t it beautiful? they’ve got a huge selection of lovely fabrics (include so much jersey!) so it’s definitely worth checking out.  thanks so much to amanda for letting me have some for this project!

 i spent a long time deciding the best placement for the pattern; i really didn’t want to cut a bird’s head off!!  hopefully it worked out and looks nice enough!

the front has loops for the buttons, and a nice little flap keeps things modest, with no chance for any skin to peep through those loops.

you’ll notice a distinct absence of, well, me in the pictures!  i really like the dress but it’s a little too snug across my bum & hips.  it’s not “unwearable” tight, but i am going to make sure i stay off the chocolate and crisps between now and april!

word of warning though – this skirt is the second largest size and it’s snug on me with a 43″ hip, so if you’re going to make it, it’s something to consider!

i might unpick my elastic casing and take the elastic in a bit, it could do with being a bit tighter round my waist.  i think it would also help keep it sitting on my natural waist as it’s a bit low.  i’m loathed to take the waist up as i think it would lose the blousiness, which you can see it’s lacking a bit now due to the elastic not being quite tight enough.

i’m excited about making more summery things now!  keep an eye out for my second and final simplicity make in the coming few weeks – it’s something completely different!

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