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deer and doe myosotis dress

hey everyone,

after the heavy topics of my last blog post, i’m here with something that could be as equally miserable haha.

this is the dress i made to wear to my grandad’s funeral.  so yup, could be pretty miserable.  even though that’s the first time i wore it, i knew it would be an every day dress for me, so fear not, it’s not just a post about a funeral dress, haha.

it’s actually the first new sewing pattern in ages that i’ve wanted to make; the deer and doe myosotis dress.  i’m not one for a layered skirt, so i just went with view B, i felt it was a little more wearable day to day for me.

i used a “linen look” fabric from john lewis which was £8/m and i got two metres which was just enough.  i can’t remember off the top of my head what size i made, but i know i went down one size after looking at the finished garment measurements.

(there’s a cat hiding in my blinds guys)

making this dress was really straightforward and just what i wanted.  i had some trouble with the collar (as i always do with collars) as i just can never get things as perfect as i want.  i knew top stitching had the potential to really ruin what i’d managed to do, so i slip stitched the inside of the collar down and left it as it was.

i had three of these beautiful buttons left – they were from my nan’s sewing box.  my nan passed away october 2016, and i’ve been making my way through her button stash after my dad passed them along to me.  i’m so grateful that i have them to use.

(mental note – take the necklace off or make sure it’s centred before taking pictures…)

grandad was in the navy so i feel like i accidentally really channelled the nautical vibes with this make, and i am more than okay with that.  his naval experience transcended through the rest of his life; he was heavily involved with the sea cadets and my sister & i spent many summer holidays at the sea cadet unit with my grandparents.  grandad taught me a lot of things there, including how to fibreglass a boat shell (can’t say that’s come in use so far, but you never know!) and lots of knots.  after he passed away i decided to get a tattoo of a reef knot, which is the only one he taught me that i can remember how to do; i use it every time i tie off a dart actually!  so here it is, and if you see something weird on the inside of my arm in the future, you know what it is!

the dress was lovely to make and i have worn it loads since the funeral.  it’s part of regular wardrobe rotation now, which was always my aim.  it’s lovely for the summer as it’s light weight and breezy.  maybe i took a little too much off the length, but whatever, haha.

i would definitely make another one, in fact i’ve traced off the pattern to make without the mandarin collar and turned it into a v-neck, so we’ll see what that turns out like when i eventually get round to making it.

for now, i’m off to try and find my plantain tee pattern because i’ve got some pastel stripe fabric that is asking to be made into something.

happy sunday!



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