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inari tee dress

hey everyone!

hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life.  i’m back today with a new found favourite dress, although it’s not a new pattern; the inari tee dress by named clothing.

this dress can be made in a woven or a knit, but you know i love jersey, so i went with this beautiful denim-esqu blue ponte from guthrie and ghani.  i went along to their 5th birthday party and picked up 1.5m (i think…?!).  i wish i had an excuse to buy more of it, because it’s really lovely!

elle had made an inari and i decided i needed in on that action.  we had a sewing day together and it was such a nice day.  i got to use elle’s fancy dancy fabric scissors (they’re so beautiful) and spend time with her which was obviously great too.

i feel like i almost cheated a little bit because i got to try elle’s on first so i knew what size to make, but also she’d already taken length out the pattern at the bodice & hip (we’re both a little shorter than the drafting named use!) so it was like a little walk in the park for me!

i really love how flattering the seams on this dress are.  it’s got a cocoon shape which looks great (in my opinion anyway) and the side slits add a bit of something different to the usual straight hem.  i used gold top stitching all the way around my hem too.  that’s probably the most difficult part of the dress; getting a tidy top stitch up and around those side slits.

(when my bum shrinks enough to allow the fabric to hang more it will probably look better from the back, haha)

i think it’s too short on me at the moment to wear without tights but MAN has it been hot in the UK recently, so there was no way i was about to put tights on to take pictures in this dress, you’ll just have to ignore how pale my legs are!

i decided to go with a gold top stitching thread as i wanted to give it a bit of a denim dress vibe and i’m really happy i did.  elle had done a couple of little bar tacks on her sleeves to keep them in place, which i blatently ripped off and did on my dress too – HOW FRICKING CUTE ARE THEY?!  i just love them.

i really love this dress and have made a second in some beautiful french terry from girl charlee which i will share soon, along with a second dress in the same lovely fabric, tilly’s zadie dress.  i have fabric lined up for a third and fourth inari (both ponte’s, but in grey and navy, hoping to wear them to work maybe with less risque side slits) but i have no idea where i’ve put my pattern, gah!  maybe finding it can be this weekend’s job.

have a lovely weekend, whatever you’re up to!  i’m going to a food festival tomorrow, YAY!  maybe i’ll make my other two inari’s if i can find my pattern on sunday!

bonus picture of me panicking over dropping my phone:

thanks for reading



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