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dreamy french terry and feeling meh about a new-to-me-pattern.

hey everyone,

i took these pictures weeks and weeks ago, but apparently it’s the actual writing i’m also slowing down on these days, as well as being bothered to take pictures!

ages ago now, i spotted girl charlee’s range of french terry and loved it.  i dreamed up making a couple of hoodies for me and james, but after i felt how soft it was (read: SO SOFT) i thought it would be better made up in dresses.  it would made a really nice jumper but i don’t think the weight would hold up well to the metal zips that i had envisioned for hoodies.

i’d had tilly’s zadie dress for a while, and thought it was a good time to try out a colour blocking seeing as i had both the light and dark grey versions of the french terry.

i had a couple of problems with the dress; there’s different sizing lengths for the dress on the front & not on the back, and i really didn’t rate the instructions much at all… maybe i wasn’t in the right frame of mind for sewing, but i didn’t think it was very clear about where seams should be finished before moving on with the next part of the construction, and don’t get me started on a 5/8th seam allowance on a knit garment…

i didn’t enjoy making it at all if i’m really honest.  i’m especially unhappy with the fact i forgot about the seam allowance sizing and put my neckband on with a 3/8th SA.

it’s wearable but i’m not in love with it.

i made a second garment out of my left overs (the benefits of colour blocking i guess!) which is another version of the inari tee dress.

now, this is much more of sewing success than the zadie.

i love the casual vibe of this dress, and i decided to use the dark grey for the sleeve cuffs to add a bit of interest.  it’s been great to wear in the cooler weather, although the slits make it a bit indecent without tights, haha.  the fact that you can wear tights with it makes it something to wear in autumn too!

there’s not much to say about the construction because it’s basically just a cocoon shaped elongated tshirt, haha.   i am planning on making another two of these; a grey ponte and a navy ponte.  i won’t make the slit as high then hopefully they will be work-wearable.

so there you go, the results of my experiments with french terry, and a perfect example of why i hate deviated from patterns i know well!

full disclosure, girl charlee kindly provided me with the fabric but all opinions are my own.  

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“dreamy french terry and feeling meh about a new-to-me-pattern.”
  • Your Inari dress is super. I especially like the different coloured cuffs. I actually really like your Zadie dress too. Sometimes I think that the problems we have making a garment can spill over into a lack enjoyment when wearing it.I always find that leaving the garment long enough to forget the struggles you had with it, before wearing it helps!

  • Your Zadie looks fabulous! It also looks comfy… Maybe it will grow on you. I have the pattern and haven’t got round to making it, but feeling inspired by your fabric choice here. I will take note of your comments re instructions.

    • YES THEY DO! i thought i had done something wrong in my rage of making it haha. i’m glad to hear i’m not the only one, we need more honesty in how patterns haven’t worked out i think.

      • Totally! I do keep meaning to do a post on my blog about it. Its really annoying as otherwise the dress is fantastic – it’s just not currently wearable due to this problem! I had made some slight adjustments and thought I had messed it up myself, but then I noticed that practically every photo of someone wearing one has their hands in their pockets…

  • I think your Zadie looks fabulous! If I look at it, I cannot see any mistakes or the struggles you had sewing it. Everything I see is a very beautiful dress in a perfect colour choice. Also, you could be really proud for the fact that you finished it – I usually give up if the pattern annoys me and throw everything in the corner 😉

    • thank you ute; i had having unfinished things lying around even if i don’t like them haha. this one will be okay for work but i don’t think it’ll be a repeat pattern for me.

  • I think the Zadie looks great on you, but it’s how you feel in it that matters. I made a Deer & Doe Goji skirt over a year ago and wasn’t crazy about it, but dutifully wore it occasionally. Just recently I wore it with a different style of shirt than I had been and I suddenly loved it. Maybe your Zadie will grow on you, but it’s also ok if it doesn’t. 🙂

    • thanks serena, maybe it will! it’ll be okay to wear to work for now, i just can’t see myself making multiple versions. i’m glad to hear you like your goji skirt now, it’s weird how styling something differently can almost make it a new garment!

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