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paperless post

hi everyone,

i’m still alive, but have almost gone into hibernation (it’s winter now!).

since i last posted we’ve been to japan!  it was an amazing holiday and as soon as we got back i was already thinking about when we could go again.

while we were there james asked me to marry him too – i officially have a fiance!  I’M GOING TO BE A BRIDE!  it’s all very exciting and i’m now just googling wedding things all the time.  my work colleagues are probably already bored with me going on about it haha.

there will probably be a lot of wedding craft going on in the next 18 months so i’m thinking i might start a new section of my blog for the stuff i start making incase anyone wants to have a look.

i had an email from paperless post while we were away asking me if i wanted to have a look at their site in exchange for some on-site currency, so i thought i would have a look and post an honest review as it could be really useful for the wedding.  have you seen the cost of invites?!  madness.

they do electronic cards, but i would say they’re “high end” as this goes way beyond the e-cards everyone thought would replace actual letters when email first came out (remember that?!).

the site has lots of different options of cards for different occasions.  as i’m not entirely sure what we’re having that’s wedding related i decided to have a look at their christmas options as i know i can utilise those now!

there’s lots of choice of cards; you can pick “designer” names, such as kate spade and rifle paper co (which i would definitely consider if we were having a summery wedding!).

you can combine the designer elements with your own photographs too; i didn’t have any seasonal pictures that i wanted to use so just went with a pre-made design.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 20.41.11

you can choose loads of different things; the envelope colour, the inside of the envelope and even the background to the page where the card opens.  as you can see from the picture above, you can shop physical cards as well as e-cards.

you can see above that i chose a confetti liner for my envelope and found a background to match.

i changed the colour of my envelope and picked a fancy font too.  i do wish there was an option to make the font bigger, as some of them i struggled to read if they were too stylised.  the one i picked might have been a bit too squished too, but i love a cursive font.

everything on the site is paid for using “coins” and here is an exchange rate:

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 20.47.05

things can get pricey as the different options you choose have different pricing i.e. you might like a background to match your card, but the background might add on a cost of 1 coin – if you’re sending it to 50+ people as you might with a wedding invite, that 1 coin here or there would soon add up.

however some pricing is understandable as they will have to pay licence fees to use designs etc, so i can understand why there is an extra cost implication.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 20.50.08

you enter the email addresses of your intended recipients and hit send!  easy as pie.  you can make lists of different contacts, so if you wanted “day guest list” or “evening guest list” you could make that distinction easily enough.

overall i like the idea of the site – there’s lots of choice of design and actually most of the cards they offer are a lot less cheesy than other e-cards that i’ve come across before.  that said, i do still think there’s something to be said for using physical cards; when else will i get to use my stock pile of stationery, coloured pens and washi tape?!  i suppose they sell printed cards for a reason too!

if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a physical card that’s got a bit more impact than just a text, then i think paperless post is worth checking out.  they do have some free options for you to look at too!

if it wasn’t obvious from the line above the screenshots, paperless post provided me with some free on-site currency in order for a blog post, however i’ve been honest and hope that you won’t all abandon me for trying out a different kind of post!


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