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yanta overalls – helen’s closet

hi friends!

oh boy has it been a while; almost a year!  since i last blogged i have had so many things happen!

james and i went on our first holiday – to japan where we got engaged!  we have set a date for the wedding – it’s all go!  between the last blog post and our holiday i actually lost weight; i’m quite nervous posting these pictures if i’m honest, it’s really weird seeing the difference between last summer and now.  it’s mostly been through dieting and i’ve started exercising this year so maybe you’ll see some active wear makes from me in the future… perhaps not, haha.

i’ve been making a few things here and there but it’s difficult to blog when you’re not happy with your body.  i felt so fed up with how i’d let things get with myself that i stopped making things because i didn’t enjoy the way they looked on me and i didn’t feel good.  (n.b.  i believe anyone should be any size/shape they want to be, being happy with how you look and feel is what is important; i didn’t like what i was seeing so went on a weight-loss mission but there’s no judgement here about shape/size/anything!)

since i’ve lost some weight i’ve made some things i’ve really fallen in love with – like the seamwork dani pinafore dress.  i will definitely have them on my blog soon because i’m really happy with them!

anyway – today’s post is all about the yanta overalls from helen’s closet.  i fell for these HARD when the pattern was released – i had them printed and the PDF assembled and my fabric cut out the day after release!

i knew i had the perfect fabric for them in my stash; a beautiful soft linen i bought from abakhan in mostyn on my birthday last year.

there’s only a few pieces to the pattern which means it’s pretty quick to put together.  the most time consuming part was pressing the pockets to perfection before top stitching them on, but really that depends on how obsessive you are with getting them right haha.

i really like the edge stitching helen gets you to do along the centre seams – it reinforces the garment while adding a bit of interest close up too.  i want to make a chambray version and might use gold thread on my edge-stitching for a denim vibe.  positive that i’m already talking about making another set/pair/one! (n.b.  what is the correct noun for overalls?!)

i tried to mess with the colours on the picture above so you can see the unusual shape of the pocket on the bib – i wasn’t sure about having it point upwards to being with but i’m glad i went with the instructions and kept it that way.

i flouted the instructions for the facings, which tell you to understitch, instead i choose to top stitch all around instead.  it’s something i prefer especially on a more casual outfit.  the linen also frays LOADS so i thought it best to top stitch as it will keep that in check by stitching the facing and outer together, as under stitching can leave things a bit more exposed because you’re not sewing two pieces together, just anchoring the facing to the seam.

i chose to omit the side zip and just pull them up & over my bum.  as you can see from this picture they’re still really roomy at the waist, but this is because you’ve got to get them over your bum & hips.  if i wanted a more fitted version, i would take at least an inch out either side of the waist and use the zip.

the legs are quite long but my favourite pictures that helen released were the khaki version with the turn ups so i’m enjoying the rolled up leg look – i didn’t even hem the legs, i just overlocked them because i knew i would be wearing them rolled up.

i’ve been wearing them all day today and i’ve been really comfortable!

my only only draw back was that as i’ve done a lot of walking, the crotch seam has aggravated my chub rub as that’s where the crotch seam falls on me – to combat this it would be easy to wear some of those little shorts that some tights companies sell to stop chub rub in dresses.  the overalls are so loose you wouldn’t see them underneath anyway.

you know when you make something and you want to go up to strangers and be like OH HEY I MADE THESE OVERALLS AREN’T THEY JUST THE BEST?!  that’s how i’ve felt all day.  i am proud of them and feel on top of the world in my new fave clothing item.  it’s a bonus that they’re out of my normal comfort zone but i’m skipping around happier than ever in them.

i really love this pattern and fully endorse everyone making them FOREVER!  thank you helen for such a wonderful pattern!  it’s the first time i’ve used one of her patterns; i found it to be well written, clear, precise with no errors on the pattern, such as things not lining up or notches being off.  PRAISE BE!

FYI my measurements are 37-30-42.  i made a size 10 for the bib, grading out to a 12 for the waist and hips.

my tshirt is a short sleeve seamwork astoria tshirt in a fabric from cotton reel studio. not much to say about that other than it is really great for laying under things like this!

also bonus pic – i made a matching hair band! haha.  this was made from a tutorial by @_southlandcurve on instagram, check it out because they are so cute, easy and quick to make!

thanks for reading and i promise i won’t leave it so long before the next post!

rach x

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