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a blog about my adventures in dressmaking, crochet, knitting and anything else i try to make.

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paperless post

hi everyone, i’m still alive, but have almost gone into hibernation (it’s winter now!). since i last posted we’ve been to japan!  it was an amazing holiday and as soon as we got back i was already thinking about when we could go again. while we were there james asked me to marry him too – i officially have a fiance!  I’M GOING TO BE A BRIDE!  it’s all very

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dreamy french terry and feeling meh about a new-to-me-pattern.

hey everyone, i took these pictures weeks and weeks ago, but apparently it’s the actual writing i’m also slowing down on these days, as well as being bothered to take pictures! ages ago now, i spotted girl charlee’s range of french terry and loved it.  i dreamed up making a couple of hoodies for me and james, but after i felt how soft it was (read: SO SOFT) i thought

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inari tee dress

hey everyone! hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life.  i’m back today with a new found favourite dress, although it’s not a new pattern; the inari tee dress by named clothing. this dress can be made in a woven or a knit, but you know i love jersey, so i went with this beautiful denim-esqu blue ponte from guthrie and ghani.  i went along to their 5th birthday party

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deer and doe myosotis dress

hey everyone, after the heavy topics of my last blog post, i’m here with something that could be as equally miserable haha. this is the dress i made to wear to my grandad’s funeral.  so yup, could be pretty miserable.  even though that’s the first time i wore it, i knew it would be an every day dress for me, so fear not, it’s not just a post about a

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mccalls m7595 and some rambling.

hey everyone, it has been a while since i posted anything here.  it’s coming up to the two year anniversary of us living in our house and therefore two years since my blogging output started slowing down.  it’s time for an overshare; brace yourself. moving out was such a big deal for me financially; i went from having my wages basically just to fund my fabric habit, to them funding

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simplicity 6468

hey everyone! i’m showing you a bit of a fancy pants make today; my version of simplicity 6468. a few months ago simplicity asked me if i would like to review a couple of patterns for them.  my cousin is getting married in april; i thought it would be a nice occasion to make a dress for, so i chose 6468 as i liked the look of the floaty sleeves

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isca shirtdress

oh boy do i love this dress. if i had to restrict myself to 7 words, those would be them!  however it’s my blog and i’m generally quite a wordy gal, so i’ve got many more than 7 words to say. i’ll start by saying i won this pattern, along with a book about printing fabric by zeena, in a competition marilla & zeena ran in late december.  the book is

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vogue 9275

hey everyone! so you might have seen my instagram post about reviewing the vogue 9275 coat in january’s issue of sew now magazine – exciting!  i’m here today with the full blog post to accompany the article; forgive me if i’m repeated a bit of what i wrote there! i wanted to make the coat version of 9275 ever since i saw kate from the fold line wearing her monochrome

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sew over it doris dress

hey sewing friends,   i’ve got a new pattern to show off today!  well, i say new, but i’ve had it in my stash since august 2016..!   it’s the sew over it doris dress.  i love the 90’s vibes that this dress has got, and i have been waiting for the right fabric to make it with.  when i went to doughty’s with elle a couple of weeks ago,

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interchangeable separates

hey everyone,   man what a busy few weeks it’s been since i posted last.  i’ve been sewing quite a bit but really haven’t had much spare time to get around to taking pictures.   i had to make some time to do pictures this morning though as i’ve done a pattern review for a magazine – exciting!  i can’t show you what i made yet, but the post will

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