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my kelly anorak

hey everyone! i can’t quite believe i’m writing this… i made a coat!  i’m so pleased!  i feel this needs a pre-warning, this post contains a lot of words and a lot of pictures!  there also may be some chalk residue left near my poppers too haha. this is the kelly anorak from closet case patterns. the pattern was released ages ago, and i loved it when i first saw

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a superswanky linden

hi everyone! i’m blogging a make today that i am in loooooove with. it’s another linden sweatshirt, but this time in a gorgeous atelier brunette dazzle night sweatshirt jersey from Cotton Reel Studio.  laura got in touch with me when the shop first opened and asked if i would like some – how could i say no?!  unfortuantly the fabric i had is sold out now, but they have so many

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vintage shirt dress – take 2!

less than a week later on from making my first vintage shirt dress, i’ve got another one.  what can i say, once you find a pattern that you like and that fits you well, why shouldn’t you have more than one?! this time i used fabric from sew essential.  they have so many cute cottons that would be lovely for making this dress, they sell the pattern too! i’m ashamed

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sew over it vintage shirt dress

hey sewing fans! i hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and had a weekend full of sewing.  or at least something fun! i spent my weekend in a manic panic on saturday morning as we had our assessment to see if we are suitable to adopt kittens from the cats protection.  we frantically tidied, cleaned, dusted and polished the entire house for the visit, only for the

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McCalls 7381

hello readers, are you still there? haha.  it has been a long flipping while since i blogged any sewing, especially something new or different from my usual comfortable/relaxed/slouching around style! i have a dress which i’d hoped would be a wearable toile to show you today, but i think i’m going to call it a successful finished garment rather than a toile, because i’m really pleased with it. it’s a

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all my monetas!

hi everyone! it’s the moneta party this weekend, yay!  can you believe it?!  abigail elle and i started talking about this almost 9 months ago so for the time to be here is so exciting! in preparation, i thought i would show off all (well, most!) of the monetas i’ve made! i know i’ve got two more somewhere.  i just don’t know where they are… i’ll blame the house move!

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grainline linden sweatshirt

hi everyone! two blog posts within a week is super unusual for me but i just couldn’t wait to share this with you! i think everyone has made one of these now, it’s the grainline linden sweatshirt. i made this sweatshirt out of 1 metre (!!!!!) of fabric that was 60inches wide. it’s a loop back sweatshirt fabric and it came from leicester market when i went last year with

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the foldline wish list!

hi everyone! long time no blog, hope everything is good with you all! i haven’t done any sewing since i made the monet-a-storia dress.  things have been pretty out of sorts at home and at work.  we had a death in the family which has been really horrible, i’ve never really known anyone die before. i’ve also got SO much on at work right now, helping co-ordinate a building move which

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hi all! hope everyone is enjoying the unexpected october sunshine. this sunshine makes today’s make look a little silly because it’s very much an autumn/winter dress. also i realise you can see the reflection of all my washing in the window behind me. well at least if my mom reads this she’ll see that i do actually put washing outside, haha. it’s an astoria jumper with a moneta attached. AND

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colette rue

hi everyone! i’m so so excited to show you what i’ve made today, so that means quite a long post! a few months ago, colette put out a post asking for pattern testers.  i filled in the form and forgot all about it.  a week or two ago, meg from colette got in touch asking if i wanted to make up their latest dress pattern!  i immediately said yes and couldn’t

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