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all my monetas!

hi everyone! it’s the moneta party this weekend, yay!  can you believe it?!  abigail elle and i started talking about this almost 9 months ago so for the time to be here is so exciting! in preparation, i thought i would show off all (well, most!) of the monetas i’ve made! i know i’ve got two more somewhere.  i just don’t know where they are… i’ll blame the house move!

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Moneta Party Sponsors!

Hi everyone! The discount for Minerva Crafts might be ending today but I’ve got something to tantalise your tastebuds to see who we’ve got giving you wonderful bunch some prizes… I’m sure you’ve seen Elle’s post about how the party is working but I thought I’d do a little re-cap. Once the party has finished on Sunday 26th February, we’ve got 9 main sponsors who are picking their favourites.  The

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moneta party – tips for sewing with jersey.

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are all as excited as we are about the Moneta party! Today I’ve got some tips about sewing with jersey that will hopefully help you feel confident enough to tackle jersey if you haven’t already. I think jersey/stretch fabrics have got a real bad rep!  They’re not difficult to work with, not even a little bit, and I couldn’t imagine not sewing with them

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Moneta Party Details!

After the sneaky peaks we’ve put on instagram, you’ll have probably guessed that a #MonetaParty is coming! Myself, Elle and Abigail have teamed up to form a trio of sewing super powers called The Triple Stitchers! If you joined in with the #InternationalAnnaParty that Elle and her two friends ran in summer 2015, you will be familiar with how the party worked.  If you are new to the concept, or

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