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hi all! hope everyone is enjoying the unexpected october sunshine. this sunshine makes today’s make look a little silly because it’s very much an autumn/winter dress. also i realise you can see the reflection of all my washing in the window behind me. well at least if my mom reads this she’ll see that i do actually put washing outside, haha. it’s an astoria jumper with a moneta attached. AND

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colette rue

hi everyone! i’m so so excited to show you what i’ve made today, so that means quite a long post! a few months ago, colette put out a post asking for pattern testers.  i filled in the form and forgot all about it.  a week or two ago, meg from colette got in touch asking if i wanted to make up their latest dress pattern!  i immediately said yes and couldn’t

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sleeveless moneta

moneta; i like this dress sans sleeves. i’ve made the colette moneta a million times (okay maybe 8 times), and each time i like it more and more.  it was the dress that ignited my love for jersey, which i have probably mentioned before. this one is made in a light weight jersey that i got from girl charlee uk.  it was in the sale and i had a voucher

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moneta party over hurrrrr.

hi everyone! a few weeks ago (maybe only two, but time feels slow sometimes!) colette posted a picture on instagram where they were doing the moneta and wren dress for 20% off.  the picture of the moneta was a beautiful mustard colour and i fell in love.  and i fell hard. i stopped myself buying mustard fabric on ebay, deciding i would look for the perfect fabric when i went

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a kind of astoria jumper

hello fellow sewing pals.   i’ve had little time or energy to sew over the christmas period (you know when you just don’t feel quite right? bleurgh) however i had this cut out a few days before the big day, and sewed it up just after said festive day.  i love cutting on different days to sewing, it makes everything feel so much faster!   i bought this tres cosy knit

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hollyburn skirt plus bonus astoria jumper

Hey everyone! Today I’m showing off two new things, woooooo.   One is new as in freshly finished, and the other is just new to the blog. so the first thing is this sewaholic hollyburn skirt! I’ve fancied making it for a while now.  Every version I see is always flattering and super cute, so I wanted a bit of that action. I really enjoyed making this skirt!  I really took my time and added

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negroni shirt for james

hey everyone! i’ve finally finished james’s shirt! i’ve wanted to make him this shirt for ages (it may or may not be because i wanted to know why everyone was raving about the sleeve plackets…) but i couldn’t find a fabric that i thought james would like.  a couple of weeks ago i popped into guthrie and ghani for the pattern on my way home from a course i had

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another colette laurel; the start of my autumn sewing.

hi everyone! I’m using a new app to blog with because the wifi on my laptop is being completely unreliable, so I’m sorry if the formatting is off, I’m still making my way through the tutorial videos! also, typing on my iPad is more difficult than I thought it would be…! so it’s a new dress but a pattern I’ve used a couple of times before for me to show

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denim laurel

hi everyone!   i’ve got my birthday dress to show you today, a denim laurel dress.         there’s so much RTW stuff like this around now.  the goal of my sewing is never to look handmade, so i like to reproduce stuff i like that you could buy on the high street, which is what i was aiming for with this dress.   i wanted something new

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astoria cardigan tutorial

hey everyone!     this is the first time i have ever written a tutorial for something to do with sewing, so i’m sorry if it’s not the most proficient thing you’ve ever read!   i love cardigans.  they rule my world.  however i’ve never made one!  when the astoria jumper came out, i loved it and thought it would be ace if someone would do a tutorial on how

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